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 Title: An Unfortunate Examination
Pairing: Sakumiya
Rating: NC-17
Length: 479 words
Genre: Crack, Smut, AU
Summary: An exam in the doctor's office causes Sho to question some things about himself.
Note: This was written in text messages so it's probably hot garbage. Sorry.

One day, Sho went to the doctor's office.
He was greeted by a hot male doctor who put a glove on and said
"Since you are an old man now Sakurai, you must have a prostate exam."

Sho felt his eyes fill up. The day had finally come in which he would have to do something gay
He requested a female doctor, but there wasn't one available. Poor Sho had to bend over and let the doctor push his finger in
The doctor somehow hit Sho's prostate just right. Sho's jaw dropped and his average-sized dick hardened slightly

He was traumatized.
Sho lost several nights of sleep wondering if he were gay. It was clear to arashi that something was very wrong with Sho.
After weeks of prodding, Sho finally told Nino everything.
Nino laughed and said "Well, you won't know if you're gay until you try."
Sho didn't want to try. He didnt want to be gay.
But he had to know the truth.
So he agreed to let Nino put his dick in his ass.
Sho was very uncomfortable with the situation, and he started to have a panic attack when nino pushed his legs apart.
When Nino finally pushed a couple of fingers in, Sho felt relieved. It didn't feel good.
Rather, it was uncomfortable and it burned.
Sho was confident that he wasn't gay.
But once Nino prepared Sho more, Sho started to lose confidence, as it started to feel good like it did at the doctor's.
"I'm going to put it in now Sho, are you ready?"

Sho wasn't ready. He wasn't ready to accept the truth. He was gay.
But there was no other choice. He had to accept it.
So he nodded his consent and screamed in pain as Nino pushed his giant cock inside.
Maybe I'm really not gay, Sho thought as he felt the awful pain.
But once again, it started to feel good.
Eventually Sho was moaning loudly, cock leaking with pre-cum.
"Sho, I'm coming!" Nino said.
Sho moaned Nino's name as he felt Nino's seed fill his ass.
The feeling of nino's cum pouring out of him pushed Sho over the edge. 
Pretty soon he was coming hard.

Soon after he came down from his climax, Sho started crying.
Nino asked Sho what was wrong, and Sho said he was upset that he was gay.
Nino said "But Sho, you still like girls right?" Sho said yes.
"Have you ever heard of being bisexual?" Nino asked. Sho shook his head no.
"Well it's when you like guys and girls."
Sho, who hadn't realized that was a thing, was surprised.
"So I can like both?" He asked.
 "Yes," Nino said.
Sho smiled. He was relieved that he could still have a wife and kids.
Except he actually couldn't, because he had already completely fallen for Nino.

Author's note: I was messaging sakuraisumbrella and she told me to tell her a story and this mess happened.
Comments are always appreciated!
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