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Another fic! Go me! XD

Title: Yellow With Envy
Rating: NC-17
Length: 703 Words
Pairing: Ohmiya
Genre: Smut, Humor, Crack
Disclaimer: I wish I owned them.
Summary: Jun almost kissed Ohno on national television but they didn't actually kiss - okay
Ohno saying that he wanted Jun to kiss him - not okay

"How could you?!?!?" The Ohmiya pair had just finished changing after filming for VS Arashi, and Ninomiya was clearly in a bad mood.
"What did I do now?" Ohno sighed in defeat.
"What do you mean 'What did I do now?' You said you wanted Jun to kiss you!!!"
"Kazu, I said that for fanservice. I didn't actually want Jun to kiss me!"
"And what if he did kiss you?!?"
"Then it still would've been just fanservice! I didn't want to kiss him!"
"No! no! no! No one will kiss you and you won't say you want anyone to kiss you. Except ME!"
"You're coming with me."
Nino grabbed Ohno by the shirt and tugged him down the hallway.
Nino barged into the bathroom at the end of the hallway. The bathroom only had two stalls, and, being a unisex bathroom, had no urinals.
Nino shoved Ohno into the larger of the two stalls.
"Kazu, what are you doing?!"
"Reminding you that you are mine."
With that Nino locked the stall door and captured Ohno's lips in a fierce kiss. His mouth then moved down to the older man's neck, which he nibbled and sucked on, eliciting a moan from Satoshi.
"Shhh - we're in public." Nino whispered into Satoshi's ear.
Nino dropped down to his knees and removed Ohno's pants and boxers, the older man's erection springing free.  Nino licked and sucked on the head of the large appendage, sliding his tongue over the slit. Ohno whimpered, biting his lip to stifle his moans. Nino took Ohno in as far he could, sucking him hard, running his tongue up and down the vein, all while fondling Ohno's balls. In that moment however, there was an unfortunate interruption...

"Guys, hurry up! I need to pee!!"
Nino slid Ohno out of his mouth.
"Fuck off, Aiba!"
"Aiba, there's another bathroom downstairs, use that one."
"AHHH I'M GOING TO PEE MYSELF!!" The airhead ran out of the bathroom in search of another place to relieve himself.
In the meantime, Nino produced a packet of lube from his pocket and removed his pants and underwear.
"Satoshi, turn around." Nino said, his voice low and filled with desire.
Satoshi quickly complied leaving himself exposed to the powerhouse. Said powerhouse lubed up his fingers and inserted two into the older man. He scissored his fingers, purposely avoiding the pleasurable spot deep inside.
"Shit, Kazu, just fuck me already!" That was all the younger needed. He quickly lubed up his dick and lined it up with his lover's gaping entrance. He was about to thrust in when the bathroom door slammed open again.


"What the hell are you two doing?!?"
"Using the bathroom!!!!" Well, it wasn't a lie. They were using the bathroom, just not for its intended purpose.
"You've been in here so long that Masaki peed his pants trying to find another bathroom!"
"Not our fault we needed to use the bathroom!"
"Ugh, I swear when you guys get out of there I'll kill you!"
"I feel soooo threatened..." Ohno giggled at Nino's comment.
Sho finally left the bathroom, leaving the Ohmiya Combi alone again.
"Let's continue where we left off."
"Yes, please."
Nino repositioned himself.
"Yes, hurry up, now!"
Nino thrust into the tight hole, giving no time for Satoshi to get accustomed to the feeling. Nino slammed relentlessly into Ohno's prostate, both men desperate for release.
All attempts to stifle his moans were long forgotten as Satoshi screamed out his lover's name as he came. Nino's climax soon followed, spilling inside of Ohno.
"You're mine Satoshi."
"I know. I'm only yours, Kazu."


Nino and Ohno cleaned up and emerged from the stall only to see someone else in the restroom beginning to wash their hands.
"Thanks for the show, guys."
Nino's body filled with boiling anger as the pieces came together. Not only was Jun in the other stall watching them through the crack in between the stalls the entire time, but judging by the white substance he just washed off his hand, he got off on it too.
Jun sprinted towards the parking garage, where his manager was waiting for him, while Nino followed in pursuit.

Author's note: Third Fic! Thanks to everyone who has commented on my fics and/or joined this community! I wasn't planning on writing another fic today, but everyone's support gave me the inspiration to write more! And this was the result! This was obviously inspired by the almost Juntoshi kiss on VS Arashi recently (Kiss already, dammit!). Anyways, I bet you weren't expecting voyeur!Jun! I specifically stated the there were two bathroom stalls, so if Ohmiya were in one stall why couldn't Aiba use the other? Because Jun was in there! XD (Also I know jealousy is the correct term not envy, but I wanted to make a lame play on words, okay!? *hides*)

Anyways, I plan to write two more fics this week, the first being an Ohba (because no one ever writes Ohba!) and the second being a sequel to A Compromising Situation! I also take requests so leave a prompt at the request post if there's something you want to see me write!

Comments are VERY appreciated! Your support gives me the confidence to keep writing!

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Date: 2015-09-08 02:09 am (UTC)
akhikaru: (sakurai-san)
From: [personal profile] akhikaru
Okay, I almost laughed out loud when the part about Jun came, and that was really dangerous because my mother is right here (why am I even reading something with NC scenes next to my mother!)
Anyway, it was fun~ xD
Thanks for sharing it with us ^^

Date: 2015-09-08 03:25 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] addierabudabu.livejournal.com

LOL this is just so funny tho! I mean all the arashi members just have to barge in! XD poor aiba, seriously...but Jun's part crack me up! Guh he just had the best show ever!
Thanks for writing!

Date: 2015-09-08 05:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yumn-yumi.livejournal.com

That's great. From the first until the end I can't stop laughing. I hope my friends can understand me.
Jealous Nino can so braty. And I know now why Aiba can't use another bathroom. Jun really do that on purpose, I think. Hihihi...

Date: 2015-09-08 10:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] hanarashi.livejournal.com
wahhahahah I like that "honest" answer "Using the bathroom!!!!"..lols
Sho was really like a mother hen to his Masaki... *pats Masaki's head
It's actually Jun's fault because he didn't let poor Masaki use the
other stall...hahhahahaa so fun! <3

Thanks for sharing dear! :)


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