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Title: The Vampire on Cherry Street
Pairing: Ohmiya, Sakumoto?
Rating: NC-17
Length: 8141 words
Genre: Fluff, Romance, Smut, AU
Summary: There's rumors that vampires live on Cherry Street, and no garbage collector dares to collect trash on the road. Except Nino, of course.
Warning: Biting.

Nino was a college student with big dreams. He wanted to become a music composer. He saw himself ten years down the line living in luxury, and being known worldwide for his work making songs for popular video game franchises and famous pop stars. There was just one problem; Nino was poor. At this rate, hed be in debt forever.

Finding a job as a young person in Japan is very difficult. After hours of searching, filling out applications, and going to job interviews, Nino finally got a job.

As a garbage man.

Nino was the type to get grossed out over taking out his and his roommate Aibas trash. Never would he have thought he would accept a job offer to pick up other peoples garbage.

But money is money, and Nino needs money to live. So on Wednesday night, he went to his job.

Little did he know how weird things would soon become.


Hello, you must be Ninomiya-san, a tough-looking man, who Nino assumed was his new boss said.
Yes, thats correct.
I actually have something to discuss with you.
See, the route we have for you to do – well, no one else wants to do it.
Why not?
Because there are rumors that vampires live on that road.
Vampires? But vampires arent-
Arent real. I know that most people think that, but one of our employees claimed he saw a vampire there, and now no one will collect trash there. Ill double your pay if you do that route... please?
Double pay? Pfft. Even if there were vampires it was worth it.
Of course Ill do it. Certainly there are no vampires.
Thank you, Ninomiya. You are a brave man.
Nino had to wonder if that was really true.


Yeah, I know. The other guys wouldnt do that route because they were afraid. Isnt that ridiculous?
But... but what if there actually are vampires?
There are no vampires. Im sure there wouldve been a news story about someone being bit by now if that were the case.
What if the government is hiding it from us?
Aiba, what kind of bullshit have you been reading online lately? Thats obviously not true. And besides, I picked up the garbage, and there was no issue. So clearly it was a made up story.
Dont come crying to me when you get bit!
Nino rolled his eyes. Aiba sure was ridiculous sometimes.


A week went by and Nino had practically forgotten about the whole vampire situation. As a matter of fact, he almost forgot that he had to go to work that day.

That night, Nino was minding his own business, picking up trash, when he noticed a man sitting on the steps in from of one of the apartment buildings.
Hello! The man called out.
Nino waved.
We were all so happy when you came by and collected the trash last week. We thought no one would pick up our garbage again! It had been a month!
Sorry about that. It seems one of our employees didnt want to work on this road anymore, and no one replaced him until I was hired.
Why didnt he want to come to this route?
He was afraid that there were vampires around here. I have no clue why-
But vampi-
The door to the apartment complex opened.
Satoshi, inside. Now. Nino heard a deep voice say from inside.
Satoshi got up and went inside, waving goodbye to Nino before closing the door behind.
Nino finished his route, unable to stop thinking about the mysterious man.


"Are the people you work with really afraid of vampires?"
Nino jumped. The man, Satoshi, from the previous week had seemingly appeared out of nowhere.
"That's weird, because- Oh wait! I don't even know your name!"
"I'm Ninomiya Kazunari. You can call me Nino."
A pause.
"Oh, I'm Ohno Satoshi, by the way."
"Nice to meet you."
Ohno smiled in response.
Nino gathered the trash and threw it in the truck.
"Well, I've gotta get going."
"Bye, Nino!"
Nino waved as he climbed in the driver's seat of his car.

The next time he collected garbage, Nino was running late.
Ohno was sitting on the step again.
"Hi, Nino!"
"You're later than usual." Ohno stated.
"I had quite a bit of homework"
Ohno nodded.
There was a few seconds of silence.
"Oh, crap, I gotta go to work soon."
A fellow night worker?
"What kind of job do you have that requires you to go to work at this hour?"
"I work at a store."
Nino's eyes narrowed.
"What kind of store?"
"A secondhand shop."
"What kind of secondhand store is open this late?"
"Well, all businesses owned by vampires are open at night."
Nino's eyes widened.
"Uh oh, now I've done it... Uh, don't tell anyone I said that. I've gotta go." Ohno ran back inside.

Nino didn't tell anyone what Ohno said, but it sure was hard to keep it from Aiba.

Nino started to get nervous once he drove toward the street with Ohnos apartment complex. Cherry Street – hed never forget the name of it now.
Nino jumped when he saw that Ohno was outside again. Nino reluctantly got out of the truck.
Thank goodness you came back! I thought you wouldnt return.
A pause.
Are there really vampires around here?
Yes, there are. You arent afraid of them, are you?
Should I be?
No! Not at all. Vampires are nice. We would never hurt a human.
We? Does that mean you are a vampire too?
Ohnos eyes widened as he realized his mistake.
Oh. Nino subconsciously took a few steps back.
Dont be afraid, I wont hurt you.
Why should I trust you? Vampires are always depicted as evil creatures who want to suck the blood of humans. How am I supposed to know that isnt true?
Why are you supposed to think it is true?
Nino sighed.
Sorry. Its just scary, you know?
Its okay. Thats why we normally stay away from humans. They think were a threat.
Ohno grabbed a bag of trash and threw it in the truck.
Oh, Ill do it. Its my job anyway.
No, I want to help. Ohno grabbed another bag and knocked the bag next to it over, spilling the contents. Nino noticed most of what was in the bag were identical plastic jugs.
What are those containers for?
Blood. Animal blood. The government sends it to us.
Ninos jaw dropped. Both at the fact that the person standing next to him drank animal blood out of a jar, and that Aiba was actually right about the government hiding their knowledge of vampires.
So vampires dont drink human blood?
We can, but thats illegal. Ohno chuckled. We could only drink human blood if a human gave us permission. So we dont.
So are the stories of vampires attacking humans and drinking their blood fake?
Yeah. Most of us dont even interact with humans.
Thats a relief.
Ohno chuckled once more.

Thanks for helping with the garbage.
No problem. See you, Nino!
Nino waved.

When Nino went back to his dorm that night, he couldn't get Ohno off of his mind.
"What are you thinking about?"
"Liar!" Aiba chuckled. "What's wrong?"
"You have to promise not to tell anyone."
"I won't."
"No, you'll run that big mouth of yours!"
"I promise, I won't!"
"Fine!" Nino sighed.
"I met a vampire."
"Eh? They are real?!?!"
"Apparently. There's this guy who I see whenever I collect the trash, and he's a vampire."
"REALLY?!? Is he scary?"
"Not at all. He's pretty normal despite the whole vampire thing."
"Do they drink blood?"
"Not human blood."
"Are you sure? Nino, you probably shouldn't go over there anymore."
"No, it's fine. I trust this guy."
"You rarely trust humans, but you trust a vampire?"..."Ah! You lik e him, don't you?"
"I don't like him! He's a vampire for crying out loud!"
"No way! Nino has a crush on a vampire!"
"Shut up! I do not!"
"Is he cute?"
"No, he isn't! Stop it!" Okay so maybe Nino thought that Ohno was cute, but he definitely didn't like him.
"Okay, okay, fine. I can't believe vampires are actually real though...
Nino looked over to see Ohno waving to him. Then he realized that Ohno had a bit of blood on his lips. He jumped.
"You got some uh... blood."
"Oh, whoops." Ohno licked his lip clean. Nino shivered.
"How's work going?" Nino said, hoping to change the subject.
"Fine. Boring as usual."
Its probably better than collecting trash.
You got a point there. Ohno chuckled.
Why do you collect trash at night anyway? Dont they usually do that during the day?
Well, since a lot of young adults go to university during the day, some garbage collectors do their shifts at night.
Do you go to university?
I do.
What are you studying?
Music. I want to be a composer when I graduate.
Thats so cool! The other vampires always told me I could sing well, but I cant exactly start a music career as a vampire...
One of these days Ill bring my guitar along. Will you sing something for me?
Yeah! What can you play?
Pretty much anything you want.
Ohno began to rattle off the names of several of his favorite songs. Nino had never heard of any of them.
Ah, maybe humans dont know of these songs...
If you gave me sheet music, Id be able to learn how to play it.
Ohno nodded.
Nino returned the next week to find Ohno drinking from a jar of blood. Nino still hadnt gotten used to the fact that Ohno drank blood, and he was grossed out at the sight. He tried to imagine that something else was in the container, but that was quite difficult, as some would dribble onto Ohnos lips from time to time.
"Do you... have fangs?" Nino asked nervously. He shouldve known better than to keep asking for details, but he couldn't help but wonder.
"Yep! Wanna see?" Ohno grinned.
"Not really."
Ohno pouted.
"Oh, fine."
Ohno giggled. He smiled wide, and his canine teeth extended.
Seeing Nino's horrified reaction, Ohno quickly retracted his fangs and laughed.
"It's not funny! You're really scary!"
"That's the first time someone called me scary. Wanna see them again?"

When Ohno was helping him gather the trash later, Nino could've sworn that Ohno sniffed him. More than once. But then again, Nino could've just been imagining things at this point.

Anyway, Nino had to learn the song for Ohno, so he focused on that and completely forgot about anything else.


During the next few weeks, Nino and Ohno spent a lot of time chatting. Nino told Ohno about his classes and Aiba, while Ohno talked about his job, his hot co-worker, Jun, and his boss and landlord, Sakurai.

As much as Nino enjoyed their conversations, he was scared. Ohno had definitely been smelling him. Did that mean Ohno wanted his blood? Nino was contemplating telling his boss that he didn't want to go down that street anymore. But for some reason, Nino still wanted to visit Ohno, even though it was incredibly stupid.

Even Aiba, the resident idiot, thought Nino was dumb for hanging out with a vampire that could kill him with a bite.

But Nino still went to Cherry Street the next Wednesday.

"Why do you keep sniffing me?"
Ohno's eyes widened.
"S-sorry. It's just that your blood... smells good."
Nino's jaw dropped. Ohno really was after his blood!
Nino swiftly turned away and went back towards his truck.
"Please, Nino! I won't bite you, I swear! Nino!"
"How am I supposed to trust you if you keep smelling me and licking your lips?!?"
"I'm sorry. I can't control my reaction. But I promise I can refrain from biting you."
Nino's eyes narrowed.
"Nino please, you are one of the only friends I have. It gets awfully lonely staying inside all the time."
Nino truly felt bad for Ohno after hearing that.
"I'll see you next week," Nino said before climbing in the truck.
Ohno smiled, relieved.
"You're still visiting that vampire?"
"Are you sure you can trust him?"
"I'm sure."
"Well, I trust your judgment. So I trust him too."
"Thanks, Aiba."
"But if he hurts you I swear to god I'll..."
Nino chuckled.
"Thanks for looking after me."
"No need to thank me."
 The next time Nino went to Cherry Street, he had a guitar in hand.
"Did you learn the songs?"
They both sat down on the steps. Nino pulled out his guitar and started strumming. A smile spread across Ohno's face as he realized what song it was.
Ohno got a feel for the rhythm then started to sing along.
Nino's eyes widened and his finger slipped and played the wrong note.

Ohno's voice was beautiful.

Nino listened in awe. He struggled to focus on playing the guitar, but he was determined to play well so he wouldn't mess Ohno up.
Once the song ended, Nino turned to Ohno.

"Have you had professional vocal lessons?"
"No, never."
"You have quite the natural talent, then."
"I'm not that good..."
"I go to a music school. You are better than half of the singers there and they've been professionally trained for years. You are really good."

Nino started playing again, and both him and Ohno started singing. They got really into the song and started singing louder and louder. And then...

"Satoshi, get inside. Now."
"But Sakurai-san-"
"I'm... I'm sorry." Nino saw sadness in Ohno's eyes before he ran back into the building. Nino sighed as he climbed in the truck. That might have been the last time he would ever see Ohno.

No, Nino wasn't going to let that happen.


Date: 2016-10-11 11:41 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] arkalein.livejournal.com
Your story is innocent and pure. Lol. Jokes go to the side.

Why I write you a comment on your Story?
I only read it to the half (to nc17 I didn't get)
Why I broke up?
Colour Talk
I don't want to know at first time who is talking. It takes so much potential away.

“Hello!” The man called out.
Nino waved.
“We were all so happy when you came by and collected the trash last week. We thought no one would pick up our garbage again! It had been a month!”

With colour I know Ohno is talking. Without colour I don't know it and my mind will get wild about the question, who is talking. It makes the story interesting!
With colour it reads like a kidsbook.

And without colour you could make cliffshanger.
And my eyes woudn't hurt so much after reading. ;-)


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