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Nino had actually quit his job with the garbage company later that week. He was nearing his graduation, so he left to focus on studying for his exams. However, he still took a drive to Cherry Street the next week because he needed to see Ohno at least one more time.

Ohno wasn't outside when Nino got there. As expected, that Sakurai guy was probably forcing him to stay inside.

Nino mustered up every ounce of courage he had and went up to the apartment building.

He knocked on the door. Nino recognized the person- no, vampire, that opened it as Sakurai.
"You can't come here."
"Please let me see him one more time."
"You can't see him. You aren't welcome here." Sakurai started to close the door, but Nino held it open.
"I swear I have no ill intentions-"
"How am I supposed to believe you? Do you know how many humans have targeted us?"
"On behalf of the human race, I sincerely apologize for our ignorance." Nino bowed.
"Please, I am begging you."
"...Fine. Five minutes."
"Thank you so much."
"Satoshi-kun!" Sho yelled up the stairs.
"You have a visitor."
Ohno looked over at Sakurai with a confused expression, as if to ask if it was really okay. Sakurai shrugged his shoulders and looked away.
Ohno grinned and stepped outside with Nino, closing the door behind him.
"Where's the garbage truck?"
"I quit. I didn't make enough money and I need to study for my exams. I'm graduating soon, after all."
"Will our garbage still be picked up?"
"I convinced everyone that there's no vampires. And the new guy will be coming during the day, so I don't think it'll be an issue."
"The reason I came here though, is because I have something I want to say to you."
"What is it?"
"This may be wrong because you're a vampire and I'm a human but... I like you."
"Well, that's okay, because I like you too," Ohno said with a smile.
Nino grinned. He leaned in and pressed a kiss to Ohno's lips. Once they broke apart, Ohno pulled Nino into a tight embrace. It was then that Sakurai walked outside.
"You know you have to get back to work, right Satoshi?" Sakurai asked with a chuckle.
Right. Ohno pulled away from Nino. See you soon?
Yeah, Ill be back in a couple of weeks when my exams are done.
And one more thing.
Is it okay if I tell my best friend about you? Nino whispered, so Sakurai wouldnt hear.
Ohno sighed.
Do you mean that Aiba guy you always talk about?
Well, he seems trustworthy enough, based on what youve said about him. But if word gets out that we are here-
I promise you, your secret is safe. Neither myself or Aiba would do anything to hurt you guys.
Thanks, Nino. Ohno kissed Nino on the cheek before heading back inside.

"You're dating that vampire?!"
"I knew you liked him!"
"You were right this time."
"But is it really okay for a human to be dating a vampire?"
"It doesn't seem to be a problem."
"Well, I'm happy for you. It's about time you get a boyfriend, even if he isn't human."
"When you say it like that, it sounds like beastiality!"
They both laughed.
"So anyway, we're graduating soon. Where are we going to live afterwards?"
"Sorry, but for the time being, I want to move back to Chiba."
Great. There was nothing for Nino in Chiba. Not if he was going to compose music.
"That's fine. I'll figure something out."

Now Nino had no money and no place to live. He was going to have to figure something out and fast.

"Kazu! You finally came back!"
"I told you I had exams, silly."
"Are you done with them now?"
"How did they go?"
"It was fine."
A pause.
"Can Nino come in?"
Sho sighed as he walked down the stairs.
"...I can't believe I'm about to say this, but come in."
"Thank you."

Ohno led Nino up the stairs. They passed the shop that Ohno works at.
"Hey, Satoshi, didn't you say that you were going to help me clean up today?" It was Saturday, so the shop was closed for the weekend.
"Right. Sorry."
"Then get in here and help!"
Ohno and Nino both walked into the shop.
"Nino, this is my coworker, Matsumoto Jun."
Jun's nostrils flared.
"Satoshi, that's a human! What is he doing here?!?" Jun took a couple of steps back.
"He's my boyfriend."
"You're dating a human and Sho let him inside?!?!"
"SHO!"Jun shrieked.
Sho ran into the store.
"What's wrong?"
"That... Thing over there!" Jun pointed at Nino.
"That's Nino. We can trust him."
"Are you sure? But-"
"I'm positive."
Jun sighed.
"If you're going to invade my store, at least make yourself useful and help out."
Nino nodded and started to organize the new stock with Ohno.

Jun gestured for Ohno go come over to him.
"What is it?"
"You aiming for his blood?"
"What? No! I'm not dating him for his blood! I'm not an asshole."
"I know that. But wouldn't it be a missed opportunity not to drink from him?"
"He wouldn't want me to do that."
"He's dating a vampire! He probably wants you to bite him."
"You think so?"
"It's possible. Why don't you ask him if you can drink from him?"
"I won't do that. I don't want him to think I'm only with him for his blood."
"Suit yourself."

"Where do you guys even get this stuff?"
"We resell stuff from human stores so the vampires who don't leave the area can buy them. A lot of us don't leave this street, but many vampires actually work amongst humans. My job is to go out and buy our stock from stores, and Satoshi here works in the store."
"Why don't some vampires leave? If you can leave, certainly everyone else can."
"They are afraid of humans. All of us are. I'm discreet enough not to get found out, but a lot of vampires are afraid that people will find out that they aren't human and target them."
Nino sighed.
"I'm really sorry that humans cause so much trouble for you guys."
"Don't apologize, Kazu! It's not your fault."
"I know, but that doesn't change the fact that I feel bad about it."

With the three of them working, the store was tidied up pretty quickly. Ohno led Nino down the hall to his apartment.
"It's really nice in here. Much better than that shithole of a dorm I have right now. And it's supposedly one of the better ones."
Ohno chuckled.
"It's not that great."
Nino plopped down on the couch.
"That Jun guy may be a bit of a prick, but he's really hot. Damn."
"Don't say that too loud, Sho-kun will kick your ass if he thinks you're trying to take Jun from him."
"Eh? They're dating? They don't seem like they would be compatible."
"And that's how they've convinced all of the other vampires that there's nothing going on between them."
Nino chuckled.
"Why keep it a secret?"
"Jun's really likes to keep personal things private, and Sho wants everyone to believe that he's straight, but he's not fooling anyone."
Nino laughed.
"What an idiot."

"So, what are you going to do when you graduate?"
"I'd like to do music compostition. But it's an unreliable job and I have no money or place to live."
"You have nowhere to live?"
"Aiba is moving back to his home town in Chiba. I want to stay here in Tokyo but I have no money and no one to room with."
A pause.
"Live here! With me!"
"Is that really okay? How much will it cost?"
"You don't have to pay anything. Sho-kun will let you stay here."
"Satoshi, I'd have to pay something-"
"Nope! You'll focus on music. Don't worry about rent. As long as you can pay for your own food you can live here."

Nino took a second to consider the proposal. Free rent was a perfect opportunity to start looking for composing jobs and to focus on music. However, he would be living with Ohno. Red flags were going off left and right in his head. There was still the possibility that Ohno was after his blood. And Nino didn't know Ohno that well. They had just started dating, after all! But Nino could not turn down the opportunity. It would be stupid to.

"I'll have to take you up on your offer."
"Thanks, Satoshi."
Nino leaned in and kissed Ohno, gently at first. Then Ohno started to kiss back and their kiss got rougher as their tongues fought for dominance. Nino moaned as Ohno rolled his hips up to meet his. He then pulled Nino off the couch they were sitting on and led him to his bedroom.

Nino didn't expect the usual quiet and bashful vampire to take the lead when it came to sex, but he certainly wasn't complaining. Must be those vampire instincts or something.

Nino laid down on the bed and Ohno climbed on top of him.
"Vampire sex is the same as human sex, right?" Nino joked.
"Yes, it is."
"Thank god." They both chuckled, and Ohno leaned down for another kiss. Ohno then started trailing kisses down Nino's jaw. When the kisses reached Nino's neck, he shivered, remembering that Ohno had the power to kill him right now if he decided to bite. Though it scared the shit out of him, it also turned Nino on at the same time.

Nino would ponder about how stupid he was later. For now he was going to enjoy whatever Ohno was going to do to him.

Ohno pulled Nino's shirt off. Ohno continued trailing kisses down Nino's chest until he reached a nipple, which he started to suck. Nino failed to stifle a moan when Ohno reached up to pinch his other nipple.
He continued kissing down Nino's body until he reached Nino's pants. He removed Nino's pants and underwear in one go, surprising Nino.

"You are wearing too much clothing."
"I agree," Ohno said, before quickly pulling his clothes off.
Once he was naked, Ohno bent down and licked a stripe up Nino's erection.
"Ah fuck, Satoshi."
"Later." Ohno giggled.
"What an original joke- AH!" Nino moaned loudly as Ohno suddenly swallowed his cock whole. He continued to move up and down Nino's dick, taking it all inside.
"Fuck, Satoshi, your mouth."
Ohno cupped Nino's balls as he continued to suck on his cock.
Soon Nino was desperate for release, bucking his hips up into Ohnos mouth. Ohno pulled away.
Nino whined.
Why did you stop?
Patience, Kazunari.

Ohno climbed off the bed and grabbed a bottle of lube from his nightstand. He got back on the bed and poured some on his fingers.
By the way, do you vampires...uh, reproduce?
If thats your backwards-ass way of asking me if I ejaculate, the answer is yes, I do. Ohno chuckled.
No need to be a smartass- oof! Ohno had slid one finger inside of Nino.
He stretched out Ninos hole and was soon able to insert a second and third finger. Ohno ghosted his fingers across Ninos prostate, barely putting any pressure on it.
Stop being such a tease!
Didn't I tell you that you need to be more patient?
Ohno removed his fingers and poured lube on his hard cock.
No condom? Nino asked, concerned.
Oh, uh vampires and humans cant pass disease to each other, because vampires dont get human illnesses... but if youd rather me use a condom then-
Oh, thats fine then.
You sure?

Ohno lined himself up with Ninos entrance and slowly entered him. Nino groaned at the stretch of the intrusion. As Nino got more accustomed to the feeling, Ohno started to slid in and out of him, slowly increasing his pace.
Harder, Satoshi.
Can you handle it?
Yes, please hurry up.
Ohno grinned as he snapped his hips forward.
Ohno continued to roughly slam into Nino.
Ahh, Satoshi, there. It hadnt taken too long for Ohno to find Ninos prostate. He continued to slam directly into it, causing Nino to moan and shake with each thrust.

Nino had lain back on the bed, eyes rolled towards the back of his head, mouth gaping open. With each thrust precum dripped down his hard cock and onto his stomach. He was panting and sweating and his spine was starting to arch off of the bed. Ohno could see that Nino was getting close, so he wrapped his hand around Ninos cock and stroked it in time with his thrusts. It wasnt long after that when Nino came while screaming Ohnos name. Ohno climaxed soon after, letting out a low moan as his cum filled Ninos hole.

Nino woke up a few hours later. Mustve dozed off. He thought. Ohno was awake, his nose buried in Ninos neck. Nino felt Ohno taking a few breaths. Is he smelling me again?!
Oh, youre up.
Were you just smelling me again?
Ohnos eyes widened.
Im really sorry! I cant control it! Im gonna try harder not to, I promise!
Thanks, Satoshi. Nino pressed a kiss to Ohnos lips.

Can I take a shower?
Of course. You can borrow some of my clothes if you want.
And its already... Ohno glanced at his phone. 7AM, so Ill be heading off to bed.
Right. Vampires had a completely backwards sleep schedule. How on Earth was that going to work out? Nino didn't want to think about it.
Alright, see you later then.
See you.

Nino, did you get laid?
Why the hell would you ask that?
I can tell by the way that you are glowing. Ah, dont tell me you did it with that vampire already!
So what? Hes my boyfriend, Nino snapped.
Im only kidding. Hey, have you figured out where you are going to live once we graduate? We have to move out in a week after all.
Yeah, Ive got it figured out.
Eh? What are you gonna do?
Im going to live with Satoshi.
WHAT?! You cant do that! What if he tries to kill you in your sleep!
I trust him.
But you havent been dating for long! Nino, this is seriously a bad idea.
I know, but I wont have to pay rent, and I can stay in Tokyo and focus on composing.
No rent? Thats really suspicious Nino!
Nino sighed.
I just trust him, okay? And I really like him. I promise nothing will happen to me.
Nino...At least let me meet him, okay?
Alright, Ill try.


Satoshi-kun, he cant live here. Not without paying.
Why? Its no extra cost to you if he lives here.
Of course its an extra cost!
How so?
Just one example is how youll be running the shower twice as often with another person around.
Not if we shower together. Ohno thought.
Like showering together is actually going to save your heating bill.
Ohno gaped.
And besides, hes human. Hell be awake during the day, which will cost more electricity. And humans use ovens, microwaves, air conditioners...
Please, Sakurai-san.
I pay you. I cant afford to pay someone else right now. Theres just not enough money. Im sorry.
He has no money and nowhere to go! Theres nothing you can do?
I have one idea. Ill have to speak with Nino about it.
Thank you so much Sho-chan!

May I bring Satoshi to my dorm to help me pack up my things? It was finally the day that Nino would move in to Ohnos apartment.
...Fine, I guess.
Thanks for letting me live here, Sho-chan!
Sho sighed.
Before you go, I have something to talk to you about, Nino.
Were really tight on money right now, and its going to be difficult for me to afford letting you live here without paying anything.
Dont tell me that youre kicking me out already!
No, but I have a favor to ask of you.
What is it?
The prices for blood keep going up. The government keeps raising the price because they are the only ones who can sell it. You might be uncomfortable with this, but could you please be Satoshis source of blood?
It wont be able to afford your electricity if I keep having to buy Satoshi-kuns blood. I am very sorry.
He didnt... ask you to say this, right?
Absolutely not. I havent spoken to him about it either. Im not too sure that hell want to drink from you either. He doesnt want to hurt you.
Nino took a deep breath.
Ill do it.
Yes. Honestly, I felt bad about moving here without paying. But if this is how I can repay you, Ill do it.
Thank you so much Nino. You can start letting him drink from you once he runs out of his current blood supply.

Satoshi, lets go!
Its 6PM... too early...
Oh, get up! Nino pulled Ohno out of the bed.
Im moving in today, remember?
Right! Wait, is the sun still out?
Ughhh. I hate the sun.
You can deal with it. Come on.
Fine, Ohno grumbled.

Hi, Nino! Oh, are you Ohno-san?
Yes, I am.
Satoshi, this is Aiba.
Nice to meet you.
He looks like a normal human. Aiba whispered in Ninos ear.
Well hes not.
Not what?
A human. Aiba doesnt believe that youre a vampire.
Ohno giggled.
Wanna see my fangs?
Ohno let his fangs come down so Aiba could see them.
AH! I believe you now! Thats so scary...

All Nino could think about when he saw Ohnos fangs was the fact that theyd be piercing his flesh in a couple of days. He knew he could trust Ohno but he was so nervous about it, but then again, who wouldnt be worried?

By the end of the moving process, Aiba had been convinced that Ohno had no plans to kill Nino, despite being a vampire.
Ill come back to visit soon, okay Nino?
Nino nodded.
And once you get the money, please come to the restaurant!
I will, I promise.
Goodbye Nino!
Goodbye, Aiba.
They hugged briefly and Aiba drove off, headed for Chiba. And Nino went back inside Ohnos apartment, no, his and Ohnos apartment.



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