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Title: There's a Truth Hidden in that Costume
Pairing: Sakuraiba, blink and you'll miss it Ohmiya
Rating: NC-17
Length: 3854 words
Genre: Romance, some angst, AU
Summary: Aiba is heartbroken, so Jun forces him to go to a Halloween party. Aiba meets a nice guy there, but there's something a bit off about him...
Requested by [livejournal.com profile] yuuki_nyanmaru
Warning: Brief rape mention but no rape is described or occurs. Also there is biting.

Jun, come on! I don't want to go to a stupid Halloween party!
Im sick of seeing you all depressed like this! Seriously, this will be good for you, I promise. Maybe youll find a hot guy there!
Im not interested in any hot guy right now, thank you very much.
Aiba had just gone through a tough breakup and all Jun wanted to make his friend happy. It was really hard for Jun to see the ever-smiling Aiba cooped up in his house for the past week.
Please, Aiba. Im worried about you.
If I go, will you stop bugging me? Aiba was sick of Juns nagging over the past week.
Yes! I promise Ill stop.
Fine! Ill go. But Im not staying long!
Yay! Time to go costume shopping!
Aiba groaned.

The costume that Jun picked for him was a vampire costume. Aiba had to admit, Jun chose well. Aiba looked damn sexy in his outfit, with dark makeup and fake blood dripping from his lips. Then again, Aiba didnt really think it mattered how he looked. It wasnt like he was trying to get a boyfriend. He wasnt ready to start a new relationship just yet.

The second he arrived at the party, Aiba wanted to leave. Seeing everyone with their significant other wearing partner costumes pissed him off. There was already a couple in matching blue and yellow cat costumes making out in the corner. Aiba wanted to throw up. And of course, Jun immediately ditched him to go flirt with some cute girl in a slutty black widow costume. Aiba was completely alone. He sat down at the bar and ordered a beer, expecting to spend the night by himself. Until a man, who was also dressed as a vampire, plopped down next to him.
Surprisingly, you are the only other vampire I have seen tonight.
Oh, really? Aiba hadnt even been paying that much attention to everyone elses costumes. He was more focused on wallowing in his own sadness.
Yeah. Usually a lot of people dress as vampires.
I guess so.
Aiba took a second to look at the man sitting next to him. Aiba decided that this guy was really handsome. He looked natural in his vampire outfit. And his fangs and pale skin were done so well that they almost looked real.
Whats your name?
Oh, Im Sakurai Sho. And you?
Im Aiba Masaki.
Well, Aiba-chan, you seem depressed. Is there anything wrong?
My friend dragged me here. See, my boyfriend broke up with me a week ago, and I'm not over it.
Asshole. How could he break up with someone as pretty as you?
Aiba chuckled nervously.
Sorry, you probably dont want some stranger to flirt with you right after being dumped by your boyfriend. The man, Sakurai, got up to walk away.
Aiba grabbed his arm. Sakurais eyes widened.
No, stay. Im lonely anyway. My friend is over there trying to pick up some girl. He completely abandoned me.
Sakurai chuckled.
If thats what you want.

Aiba hit it off pretty well with this Sakurai guy. Sakurai seemed like a pretty normal guy. He worked as a salaryman, enjoyed traveling, and really liked American rap music, for some reason. He was a bit awkward, but Aiba found it to be endearing. The more they chatted, the more Aiba thought that he could seriously date Sakurai.

After about an hour of talking with Sakurai, the man on the other side of Aiba accidentally knocked his glass on the floor. Aiba bent down to help the man pick up the pieces of glass, and cut his finger in the process, drawing blood. He cursed and looked over towards Sakurai to ask him to get a napkin for him. Suddenly, Aiba saw Sakurais eyes turn crazed and then Sakurai began dash towards him. Aiba shrieked in surprise and Sakurai finally snapped out of it, just as he reached Aiba.
I-Im so sorry. I, Ill go now.
Sakurai ran out of the building. Aiba knew better than to follow him, but he couldnt stop his feet from moving.
Sakurai-san! Sakurai-san! Wait!
Aiba-san... Sho stopped running. At this point they were pretty far away from the building where the party was held.
What was that all about? Why did you suddenly charge at me like that? Were you trying to assault me? Rape me?
No! No. I would never do that! Im sorry that I scared you like that-
Then what exactly were you doing?!?!
Sho sighed.
Im going to tell you something that you cannot tell anyone else, okay?
Aibas eyes narrowed.
You really cant tell anyone. Alright?
Fine! What is it?
This. Sho gestured to himself. This isnt a costume.
What do you mean it isnt a costume?
Im actually a vampire.
What are you talking about? Dont be ridiculous, Sakurai. Theres no way Ill believe that.
Its true. The reason I dashed after you is because you were bleeding. The smell of blood drives a vampire crazy. The second blood poured out, I was overcome with an overwhelming desire to drink it. Im sorry for not being able to control myself better. Sho quickly glanced at Aibas now blood covered hand.
No... Youre lying right? This is some sort of nightmare. Theres no way that my boyfriend broke up with me, and then I meet some guy that I like, who turns out to be after my blood! What the hell?
Im not after your blood. I swear that I like you as a person, I really do.
Stop looking at my hand then!
Im sorry, but I cant help it.
I cant believe this! Im going home!
No, Aiba-san! Please, I really like you, and I want to see you again-
As if Id see you again! Aiba said, with tears in his eyes. He couldnt handle being betrayed for the second time that week.
I wish I could help it, I really do. I don't want to drink your blood. I dont want to hurt you. But us vampires cant help it.
You really mean it? You cant help it?
I swear. I hate myself for it. I hate that my deepest desire is to bite humans and rob them of their blood. I hate it. Tears filled Sakurais eyes as well.
Aiba was a forgiving man, too forgiving sometimes. He was pretty certain that Sakurai was sincere.
I want to believe you, but the fact that you keep looking at the blood on my hand is really concerning. You want it, dont you? And if I see you again, you are still going to want my blood right? That wont change.
No, it wont. Sakurai said sheepishly.
Since you want it so bad, here. Aiba extended his hand out to Sakurai.
R-really? I can have it?
I have no use for dried blood. Go ahead.
Sakurai took Aibas hand and slowly licked and sucked it, making sure that he lapped up every drop of blood. Aiba was disturbed yet fascinated by it. Sure it was disgusting, seeing someone licking his blood, but witnessing how much Sakurai enjoyed it was interesting. Aiba couldnt will himself to look away.

Once Sakurai pulled away, both him and Aiba felt incredibly awkward.
Uh, Well, I guess Ill get going then.
Before you go, let me give you my number.
Oh, right. Aiba handed his phone to the vampire.
Once Sho handed Aibas phone back to him, Aiba went inside to tell Jun that he was leaving.
Where were you? I was looking all over!
I just went outside for a few minutes. Anyway, Im heading home.
What do you mean you are going home? Im your ride!
Ill get a cab, dont worry about it.
Why are you leaving so suddenly? Whats going on?
Nothing. I just want to go home. Ill see you.
Aiba, wait!
Aiba simply waved to Jun as he left.

It took a week for Aiba to even get the courage to text the vampire. He was afraid of what he was getting himself in to by dating a vampire, but Sho was such a nice guy that he couldnt help but be attracted to him. After pondering over what to send for a while, Aiba finally decided on a simple Want to go out some time? Sho quickly responded, relieved that Aiba actually decided to text him. They made plans to go shopping the next weekend.

Aiba, are you alright?
Yeah, why?
Because youve been acting weird since that party.
Jun and Aiba were out eating lunch together.
Actually, I have a date on Saturday.
Really? Thats great!
You seem hesitant. Are you still in love with your ex?
No, its not that. This guy, well theres something a bit strange about him.
What is it?
Youll never believe me, but hes a vampire.
Hes a what?!? Aiba, are you sure youre okay? Do you need to go to a doctor?
No, Im not imagining things, Jun. He really is a vampire. He wanted my blood.
Okay, assuming he actually is a vampire... Why on earth would you go out with a vampire?!?
Because I like him?
Aiba, you cant date a vampire...Hell hurt you, wont he?
I trust him.
Aiba, whats with you and getting into dangerous relationships?
Aiba chuckled.
I still dont believe that hes a vampire.
He is! Im telling the truth, I swear!
Ill believe it when I see it. Anyway, be careful on your date. And have fun, okay?
Ill be careful, I promise... Oh, by the way, I wasnt supposed to tell anyone hes a vampire, so keep quiet about it.
Jun rolled his eyes and nodded.


Hey, Aiba!
Oh, Sakurai-san!
Youre late.
Aiba panicked.
Sorry, I-
Im only kidding. I was a bit late too. Sho lied.

They decided to go clothes shopping. They realized they had a lot in common when it came to clothing, as they shopped at the same stores. Aiba was confused as to how a vampire could seem so human. If Sho hadnt told him, Aiba never wouldve thought that Sho wasnt a human.
Eventually Aiba stopped to grab some food.
You cant even eat food?
No, not at all.
Sho chuckled.
Also, where did your fangs go?
They are retractable. I had them down during the Halloween party so it looked like I was wearing a costume.
So you can just let them down whenever you want?
Yeah. Sho smiled, and his fangs came down.
Thats creepy, you know.
Sho chuckled as he retracted the fangs.
Thats why I always leave them up.

Despite shopping at the same stores, Aiba quickly realized that Sho was incredibly unfashionable. Aiba started to pick out clothes for Sho to try on. He bent down to pick up a shirt, and by chance his neck passed right by Shos face. Aiba went to hand the shirt to Sho, when he noticed that Sho was acting funny. His eyes were darting back and forth and he was breathing heavy.
Are- are you okay?
...I need to go to my car for a minute.
Aiba followed Sho to his car and found Sho drinking blood out of a bottle.
Sorry, I havent eaten all day and you put your neck near me. All I wanted to do was bite it...
Aiba sighed.
Its fine, dump me now. I dont deserve someone nice like you. I don't want to break and bite you one of these days.
Aiba knew he should just take the opportunity and run, run far away from this messed up relationship he was about to get himself into. But he couldnt. He was too curious, and he liked Sho too much.
Does it hurt a lot? Being bitten by a vampire.
Dont tell me you are seriously considering-
Answer the question.
Im not certain. I dont think its that bad though. The initial bite is really quick. After that the pain goes away.
How much blood does a vampire take?
Well, if they are just eating, they take enough to fill themselves for the day. Its not enough to cause any damage to a human.
No harm?
Bite me then.
No, no, Masaki. I cant.
Why not?
Sho sighed.
Are you sure about this?
Well, if Im going to date you, Im at least going to have to try, right?
Youll seriously do this for me?
Yeah. I really like you Sho.
Sho smiled.
If you hate it, Ill never bite you again, I promise.
Aiba nodded.
Tilt your head to the side please.
Aiba did as he was told. He was shaking, nervous, but he was kind of excited too. It may seem crazy, but Aiba was oddly thrilled by the idea of a vampire biting him.
It all happened so fast from there.
Without warning, Sho pierced his fangs through Aibas skin. Aiba yelled loudly in pain. But that pain almost immediately went away once Sho removed his fangs and started to suck on Aibas blood.

Are you okay, Masaki? Sho seemed incredibly concerned.
Aiba took a second to process the situation. He realized that he wasnt mad at Sho. He didnt want to kill him. Even though the bite hurt like hell at first, Aiba wasnt the least bit upset about it. Actually, he wanted Sho to bite him again. And that was when Aiba realized that he was completely in love with a vampire.
It was fine. It hurt a lot at first but its not something I cant get used to.
Wait, seriously?
Yep! I actually didnt mind it at all.
Shos jaw dropped.
Why wouldnt I be? That was the best blood I ever tasted!
Oh shut up, you. Aiba laughed and pressed a kiss to Shos bloodstained lips. He grimaced a bit when he realized he could taste his own blood though.
Sorry. Sho chuckled.
Wanna keep shopping?
Well, I think itd be best for you to go home and cover up that bite mark. Wouldnt want anyone to see that.
Oh, yeah, right. Well I guess Ill be leaving then.
Text me soon, okay?
I will. Bye!

I told you he was a vampire!
You let him bite you?!? How stupid can you be-
I know, Im an idiot, blah blah blah. It wasnt that bad though.
You cant let someone drink your blood!
Its fine, I trust him.
I promise you, he wont hurt me. Hes the nicest guy in the world, Jun. He really is.
You cant do this! Its so dangerous. You seriously should break up with him.
I cant.
Why not?
I think Im in love with him.
Oh. My. God. Jun looked like his head was about to explode.
Can I have his phone number?
No! Youll scream at him!
I promise I wont. I just want to have a serious talk with him. If you let me call him, I will stop bugging you about him. Im just worried, you know?
...Fine. But if you make him mad I swear...

To: Sho <3

Want to come over to my place this weekend? :D


From: Sho <3

You actually want to see me after what happened on Saturday? O.O XD


Yeah! And maybe Ill even let you bite me again~ ;)


And I might get to bite you? Of course Ill be there! :)


Aiba laughed. He was looking forward to this weekend.


Aiba heard a knock on the door. He was a bit nervous, but he was mostly excited.
Sho! Come in!
Sho smiled as he walking inside, kicking his shoes off.
Sorry, if its a bit messy in here.
Oh, no I like it actually. It feels lived in.
Sho really knew the right things to say sometimes.
Sorry, but Im really hungry-
Aiba rolled his eyes.
I havent eaten at all today in preparation for this!
Aiba burst out laughing.
Alright, I wouldn't want you starve now.
Aiba tilted his head once more, allowing Sho access to his neck. Being bitten still hurt, but somehow it wasnt as bad as the first time. And the whole process of Sho biting and sucking on his neck was a bit of a turn on, as scary as that was.
You really dont mind being bitten?
No, I really dont! Aiba smiled.

After that, they sat on Aibas couch.
Did you happen to get a call from some guy named Jun?
Oh, Matsumoto-san? Yeah, I did.
Did he scream his head off at you?
No, we actually had a nice conversation.
I call bullshit!
No, really. He was just worried about you, thats all. He wasnt mean to me at all.
Unbelievable. Maybe that guy really has grown up. They both chuckled.

They cuddled on the couch while watching TV and chatting about various things. Then cuddling turned in to kissing, which turned in to making out, which turned in to Aiba leading Sho to his bedroom.
Sho was lying down on the bed with Aiba above him. Aiba had already removed Shos shirt and was taking off his own as well.
Maybe I should bite you too...
Go for it.
Aiba giggled before biting down on Shos neck pretty hard.
Oh, you think that hurt? Aiba laughed loudly.
Aiba licked and kissed the mark he made on Shos neck while his hands pinched and tugged at Shos nipples. Sho moaned softly and Aiba moved one hand down to grabbed at Shos growing erection through his pants. Sho whimpered, begging for more. Aiba promptly removed Shos pants and underwear. He then stroked Shos cock to full hardness, enjoying the small sounds that the vampire was letting out.
Please, fuck me.
Aiba smirked. He thoroughly enjoyed hearing Sho beg for him. Aiba reached over and grabbed the lube out of the nightstand, then slipped a lube-covered finger inside of Sho. Preparing Sho didnt take long – Aiba wondered if he was a power bottom in disguise.
Regardless, Aiba lube up his dick and slid it inside Sho, causing the older the yell out in pleasure. Aiba started off slow, not wanting to hurt Sho, but Sho was having none of it.
Aiba smirked again. For someone who had previously seemed so dominating, Sho was quite the whiny bottom. Aiba decided that he liked this hidden side of Sho.
Aiba quickly found Shos prostate, and slammed against it relentless.
Fuck, Masaki!
Sho was moaning and shaking, with each thrust. It wasnt long before he was sent over the edge, yelling out Aibas name as he came all over himself. The feeling of Sho tightening around him while he orgasmed was too much for Aiba too handle, and he too reached his climax, moaning incoherently as he spilled himself inside Sho.

Soon after the couple got themselves cleaned up (not before having one more round in the shower though) and went back to bed. Aiba felt content lying down, wrapped in Shos arms.

Being in love with a vampire wasnt such a bad thing after all.

Date: 2016-10-31 05:10 am (UTC)
learashi: (Default)
From: [personal profile] learashi
Aaiiiieee vampire Sho being topped by Aiba!
Nothing more to say except Jun took it remarkably well. I bet that was one interesting phone conversation though...

Date: 2016-10-31 08:21 am (UTC)
falkner: photoshoot picture of Sakurai Sho from Arashi (嵐 ☆ don't look)
From: [personal profile] falkner
I like how easily Aiba believed Sho was a vampire, haha. Also, mmm, nice to see Aiba on top~

Date: 2016-10-31 08:28 am (UTC)
rollingday_s: (Default)
From: [personal profile] rollingday_s

Hahahahah I died when Aiba told Jun Sho was a vampire even though he wasn't supposed to xD Oh, Aiba. *smh*

I'm always up for top!Aiba, and whiny bottom!Sho is life. I didn't exactly read the genres to be honest (it's sakuraiba, it's enough for me,) so I thought it was going to be angsty at some point, but I'm glad it didn't and that they got together <3

Date: 2016-10-31 11:28 am (UTC)
yuuki_nyanmaru: (Default)
From: [personal profile] yuuki_nyanmaru

Waa thank you so much for this! It was really awesome I soo love it! You put in it everything that I like *-*

I really liked Sho's natural kindness and the fact that since he didn't want to hurt Masaki he would preferred to break up. But Aiba wanted to try this thrill and went for the vampire~
I like very much how you described when Sho bit Masaki, it really felt as if you already watched a vampire do this before XD.
And Jun made me laugh so much, like when he was yelling at Aiba becase he allowed Sho to bite him haha. I'm interested in that "nice conversation" that he and Sho shared XD.
And last thing, let me say thank you for making Sho bottom. He seemed to be the dominant one but at the end is Masaki who tops, one of the thing that I love the most in fanfic *-*

Sorry for making such a long comment but really thank you for writing this. You seriously made my day *-* Thank you and have a nice day~

Bye bye <33


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