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Title: A Shocking Discovery
Pairing: Sakumoto,  Jun/Ohno/Sho
Rating: NC-17
Length: 3060  words
Genre: Smut, Romance, a bit of angst
Summary: Sho comes home after filming to find something absolutely shocking.
Warning: Double Penetration
Written for the [livejournal.com profile] smut_meme

Sho had just returned to his and Juns shared apartment after a New Zero filming.
No answer. Sho walked to the bedroom and heard NTV playing. Sho smiled. He loved that Jun always watched New Zero live.
It was then that Sho opened the door and found Jun on his knees on the bed, moaning loudly.

This didn't faze Sho at all. It wasnt the first time one of them found the other masturbating, and it wouldnt be the last. They had both been too busy with work lately, with the concert tour and filming for their movie and drama SP, respectively. They hadnt had much time alone together.
No, Sho wasnt surprised by the concept of Jun masturbating. He was surprised, rather, by the fact that Jun was fucking himself with not one, but two dildos. Two large dildos.

Ah, Sho! Jun half-exclaimed, half-moaned. He turned over to face Sho, quickly reaching to wrap a hand around the base of his cock, but he was a second too late. Jun moaned loudly as he climaxed, shooting cum all over himself. Jun couldnt help but fuck himself through his orgasm, all while Sho watched in pure shock. Once Jun finally came down from his high, he quickly pulled the dildos out of himself, and hid his face in embarrassment.

Sho couldnt believe his own eyes. Jun rarely came that hard. Sho never thought of himself as being small, quite the contrary, as a matter of fact, but there was no way he could compare to the size of two dildos. He knew he shouldn't be so offended by it, but he couldnt help but feel betrayed.

Jun, am I not enough for you anymore?
Juns eyes widened with shock.
No, no! Thats not true! Sho, you know I love having sex with you- Sho, wait!
Jun was too tired and sore to run after Sho. He decided that hed deal with it tomorrow.

Sho slept on the couch that night, after having one of the saddest jerk-off sessions ever.


Good morning, Sho.
Mornin, Sho grumbled.
Sho, about last night-.
Sho sighed.
Come on, Sho. Just because I tried something by myself doesnt mean that you dont satisfy me anymore.
Jun, you never orgasm like that. We both know it.
Sho, dont be ridiculous. I love you more than anything-
But I dont satisfy you sexually. Fine, I get it. Go find someone else then.
Sho, I would never want that!
Sorry. Sho looked at his watch. But I have to go to work. With that Sho walked out the door.
Jun groaned. Sho was way too self-conscious sometimes.

Whats going on with Sho and Jun? They havent talked all day...
They even came here separately.
Eh? Seriously?
Do you think they broke up?
No, no. Theres no way. Maybe just an argument?
It had to be a bad argument, if thats the case. Satoshi, go ask one of them what the issue is.
Why me?
Because youre the leader. They actually respect and listen to you.
Alright, fine.

Sho-kun, can I talk to you for a second?
Yeah, sure. Whats the matter?
I was actually going to ask you that.
What do you mean?
Whats going on with you and Jun?
Nothing! What are you talking about?
Youve been avoiding each other all day, Sho.
What happened?
Well... I got mad at him over something I shouldnt have gotten mad about. But Im just worried, thats all.
About what?
Sho blushed.
No, what is it? I cant help you if I dont know what the issue is.
...You cant tell anyone, okay?
I promise.
Last night I found Jun using two uh...dildos... and now I feel like I dont satisfy him.
Eh? You mean he was double penetrating himself?
Sho nodded, a bit caught off guard by how willing Ohno was to talk about such a thing.
Youre worried that hell want to try a threesome or find a guy with a bigger dick. Right?
Sho nodded again.
Did you talk to him about it?
No, not really.
Well you need to talk first, and figure out what he wants.
I know. Sho sighed.
Are you opposed to the idea of a threesome?
For the most part, yeah. I cant just trust anyone to hop in bed with us, and I worry that he might leave me for someone else...
Sho, come on. Jun wont leave you. He loves you.
I know, I know... But what if he says he wants a threesome? Then what?
Then you find someone youre comfortable with, or you say no.
Sho sighed.
Id be willing to help you guys out if needed. Ohno said with a grin.
You pervert! You just want to get in bed with us!
No, no, Im not really into guys that much anyway. But if Jun wants to try, then why not? Both of you guys know and trust me, right?
Perverted old man... Sho muttered under his breath.

Though Sho hated the idea of sharing Jun, he couldn't help but be at least a little bit turned on by the idea of Jun being fucked by two people at once. Seeing Jun take two dildos in was incredibly hot. Sho couldnt help but wonder what it would feel like to have both his and another dick inside of Jun at the same time. Sho decided that maybe a threesome wasnt such a terrible idea after all.


Tadaima~! Sho entered the apartment with a smile on his face.
Okaeri? Jun was clearly puzzled by Shos good mood.
Jun! Sho wrapped Jun in his arms and kissed him hard.
Eh? Whats with the sudden mood change?
Sorry I got upset yesterday. I completely overreacted.
No kidding.
Sho smiled sheepishly.
Anyway, can we talk about it?
Sho, stop making a big deal out of this. Theres nothing to talk about, Jun blushed, embarrassed by the topic.
Thats not true.
Sho, I just wanted to try it.
So you don't want to have a threesome?
Eh!? Where did that come from?
Well, since you used two... I just wanted to make sure that wasnt the case.
I did kind of want to try it with two guys, but since were dating...
You can tell me about these things, you know.
I know, but I thought youd be mad...
Im not mad. Actually, Im not entirely opposed to having a threesome.
EH?!? Who are you and where is my boyfriend?
Your boyfriend is right here.
I cannot believe this.
Sho laughed.
But we cant just go and have a threesome with anyone. Who can we trust not to expose it?
Actually, I have something to tell you about that. But you cant get mad.
No! Oh my god, no. I would never. Let me finish.
Jun glared.
Fine. What is it.
Earlier today Ohno-kun asked me what happened between us, because we werent talking-
Im sorry! I couldnt lie to him-
HOW COULD YOU? Oh my god, this is so embarrassing... Jun blushed and tears started to fill his eyes.
Jun, dont cry. Its just Riida. Hes not judging you. You can trust him with anything.
I know but you really shouldnt have told him. I didn't want anyone else to know. Jun wiped his eyes with his hand.
Anyway, Ohno told me that hed be willing to help us out if needed.
It took Jun a second to figure out what Sho was talking about.
...That pervert!
That was my initial reaction too. But think about it – its Ohno. We both know him and trust him. And besides, he likes women more than men so he wont develop feelings.
Well, I guess an Arashi member would be the best option. Are you sure youre okay with this?
Honestly, I was a bit worried at first, but I cant help but be curious. So yes, Im willing to try it.
"You tell Ohno that we'll do it. Okay?"
Yeah, thats fine.
Sho, I love you, you know that?
Sho chuckled before being pulled into a rough kiss.
And Ill never leave you, okay?


Satoshi, come in!
Oh fuck hes here.
Sho was in the bathroom, panicking. He knew he didnt have much reason to panic, but that didnt stop his brain from presenting him with every possible bad thing that could happen, ranging from climaxing too early to Jun dumping him for Ohno.
Sho, Satoshis here!
Sho took a deep breath and exited the bathroom, mentally praying that nothing would go wrong.
Hello, Satoshi.
Ohno walked up to Sho.
Sho nodded.
Dont be. Really its him that should be nervous.
Ohno was right. Did Sho really have any business being nervous? After all, Jun was going to give himself to Ohno for the first time, and be double penetrated for the first time. Jun was the one who should be embarrassed and nervous. But Jun seemed to be fine for the time being.
Satoshi, do you want something to drink?
No, Im all set.
The three of them sat down. Both Jun and Sho attempted to create some small talk, but it only ended in awkward silences.
How about we skip the awkward bullshit and get right to it?
Jun and Sho exchanged nods.
Yeah, lets get to it.

Satoshi, you got tested, right?
Yeah. Im clean.
Jun pulled his shirt off.
Ohno and Sho pulled their shirts off as well.
Ohno turned towards Sho.
Can I kiss him?
Ask him, not me. Sho was a bit uncomfortable with giving Ohno permission to kiss his boyfriend, but it really wasnt Shos place to say no at this point.
Jun puckered his lips and made kiss noises. Ohno chuckled before leaning down and pressing his lips to Juns.
Sho cringed and looked away at first, but after a little while he looked back and surprisingly liked what he saw. Seeing Ohno and Jun kiss roughly was unexpectedly hot.
Can I kiss you, too?
Uh... Sure, I guess. Sho didnt have a strong desire to kiss anyone other than Jun, but he couldnt say no to Ohno.
Sho may not have been enthusiastic about kissing Ohno before they kissed, but Sho sure was enthusiastic while they were kissing. Ohno was a damn good kisser. Jun chuckled once he noticed that Sho was finally getting in to it.
Eventually, Ohno and Sho went back over to Jun. Sho kissed Jun while Ohno pinched Juns nipples and palmed Juns growing erection through his pants.
Too. Much. Clothing.
Jun flung his pants off, hitting Sho in the face, and causing Ohno to crack up laughing.
What was that for?
Jun laughed, ignoring the question.
Jun tugged his underwear off and then started undoing Ohnos pants. Meanwhile, Sho took the rest of his own clothing off. Pretty soon all three men were naked. Jun glanced at both Sho and Ohnos dicks.
Its gonna be a tight fit. He chuckled.
Jun wrapped his hand around Ohnos cock, stroking it to full hardness.
Satoshi, is it true that you arent really into men?
Well, I tend to like girls better. But you guys are hot.
Jun chuckled.
Sho, grab the lube.
Sho rolled off the bed, grabbed the lube, and climbed back on the bed.
How do you want to do this?
You under me, and Satoshi in front.
Jeez, how much have you thought about this? There was absolutely no hesitation there.
Oh, shut up!

Sho covered his fingers in lube and slid two of them inside Jun. It didnt take very long to prepare Jun for only one dick, so pretty soon Jun was lowering down himself on Shos cock. Jun wiggled around a bit to open himself up more, and that was when Ohno slid one of his fingers in. The first additional finger wasnt so bad, but once Ohnos second finger went in, Jun was starting to feel a little pain.
Jun groaned.
You good?
Yeah, Im fine. Keep going.

After a long while of preparation (and a few incidents of Sho accidentally thrusting up, impatient), Jun felt as though he was ready.
Are you sure it wont hurt?
I can handle a bit of pain, Satoshi.
If you say so.
Ohno grabbed the lube and poured a ton on his cock, so much that it spilled on the bed.
Satoshi, dont waste all of it! You wont hurt me, I promise.
Okay, okay.

Ohno lined his cock up against Juns hole and pushed in slowly.
Want me to stop?
No, no, keep going.
The width of Sho and Ohno combined was much wider than that of the two dildos that Jun used. He was worried that he had underestimated how much he could take comfortably. But he had gone too far to back off at this point.
Ohno pushed in the rest of the way slowly, and Sho groaned, due to both impatience and the tightness.
Jun felt bad for how long it was taking.
You can move now.
You su-
Sho and Ohno both gently pulled out and slid back in, both letting out moans due to the tight feeling.
Jun slowly but surely forgot his pain, and Ohno and Sho picked up their pace, moving faster and rougher with each thrust. Jun was laying back on Shos chest, listless, as he was pounded roughly by the other men. It hurt like hell, but Jun was enjoying the pain, and enjoying feeling like a desperate whore. Tears were streaming down Juns flushed cheeks as he panted and let out weak moans. He was exhausted and desperate to find release.
Touch me.
Sho and Ohno instantly complied with the request, each reaching down to wrap a hand around Juns cock. It didnt take many strokes before Jun let out a hoarse scream as he came violently, spilling on himself and Ohno.
Ohno and Sho continued to fuck Jun until they both came, filling Jun with their cum. Jun whimpered a bit at the feeling of being filled to the brim.

Ohno pulled out first in order to help Sho lift the limp Jun off of him.
You good Jun?
Yeah, sall good. Feels good, Jun said, sleepily.
There was a long silence as Sho and Ohno first cleaned Jun and then themselves.
Can I stay the night?
Of course.
Thanks. Ohno flopped back down on the bed.
And uh... Can we do this again some time?
Sho was feeling a little bit better about sharing Jun after tonight, and he also couldnt deny that he loved the feeling of Ohnos cock pressed up tightly against his as they fucked Jun.
Fine by me. What about you, Jun? Wanna do this again?
Ohno and Sho both looked at Jun and found him completely passed out, sleeping deeply.
Guess we knocked him out. Never thought Id see the day that he'd pass out immediately after sex.
They both laughed and decided it was best for them to get themselves some rest. After all, the next morning theyd have to deal with a sore and tired Jun. They needed as much sleep as they could get to handle that monster.

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How is it possible that something so filthy can be cute at the same time? <3 <3

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omg lolz

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This is omg!!!! A bomb! I love it!!!!


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