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"Will you go out with me?"

"EEEEHH?!? But you- What?!"
Jun laughed.
"I know I rejected you a while back, but slowly I've come to like you too. So will you go out with me?"
Nino froze for a second, processing the question.
"What do you think the answer is, you idiot?"
Jun laughed even harder.
"Do you have any more work tonight?"
"Hamburgers, on me?"
Nino didn't have more work that night, but he did have plans. Plans to play video games until he passed out. But he would have to postpone them. Because if there was anything he liked more that video games, it was Jun. Free hamburgers were a nice bonus too.
"Let's go then."

"Dis ih tha bes burgah eva!" Nino exclaimed with his mouth full.
Jun chuckled at Nino's enthusiasm.
"Why haven't I heard about this place?!?"
"Because it's somewhat expensive."
"Oh. No wonder I never came here."
"You say it's the best burger ever, but I think I might have it beat."
"I don't believe you, but if you can make me burgers even almost as good as this then I'll never be sad again."
"I'll keep that in mind," Jun said with a chuckle. "But I definitely think I could make a better one."
"I'll be the judge of that!"
"Fine!" Jun couldn't turn down a challenge. "I'll make you a hamburger this weekend."
Nino grinned. Now he had an excuse to go to Jun's place in a few days.
"Sounds like a plan."

Nino enjoyed his little "date" with Jun. He particularly liked that it didn't feel like a first date.  He didn't have to deal with any of the awkward "get to know each other" talk. And he didn't feel the pressure to impress either. He was able to relax and enjoy himself precisely because it was Jun that he was with.

Nino couldn't wait for the weekend.


It was Saturday night and Nino was knocking on the door of Jun's apartment. Now he was nervous. If he screwed anything up, their relationship would be over before it really even started. And since this was most certainly Jun's first same-sex relationship, Nino knew that Jun would get stressed easily, and would question himself and his sexuality. Nino needed to be able to both comfort Jun and appeal to Jun enough that he wouldn't be dumped during one of Jun's inevitable identity crises. Nino had wanted this for too long to mess it up so soon.
"Nino! Come in!" Jun exclaimed, with a nervous smile.
Nino mentally sighed and smiled back. He had his work cut out for him.

"I'll make them now if you'd like."
"Thanks, Jun~"
Nino noticed that Jun flinched a tiny bit after hearing Nino call him that way. That only egged Nino on.
"There's alcohol in the fridge."
Nino figured that Jun brought up alcohol because Jun himself needed it, but a drink or two wouldn't hurt anyway.
"Ah Jun, always buying the most expensive wine. Where you get all of that money?"
"It's not that expensive. You're just cheap."
"True." To be honest, not only did Nino not want to pay for expensive foods, he also didn't like them. He grew up on inexpensive food and that's what he was going to stick with.
So he ignored the wine and grabbed a beer. Jun rolled his eyes.
"You can drink the wine, you know."
"I know, but I don't want it."
Jun sighed, and asked Nino to grab him a beer too.
Was Jun really trying to make this fancy? They were eating burgers, after all.

"Here, Nino." Jun placed a plate in front of him with a hamburger on it.
"Thanks." Jun sat down across from Nino.
"You know, you can call me Kazunari or Kazu, since we're dating now."
Jun nodded.
"Try it." Jun gestured to the burger in front of Nino.
Nino took a bite of the burger and his eyes lit up.
"How?!? This is the best thing I've ever eaten! Jun, you're amazing!"
Jun beamed.
"It's just a burger..."
"No, no. It's better than that."
It really was just a burger. A damn good burger at that, but it wasn't anything worthy of compliments showered all over. Nino was just doing something that he's really good at - kissing ass. He didn't want to lie to Jun, but he did want to keep him around. So Nino spent the night giving Jun exaggerated (but true) compliments.
After dinner they watched some TV for a little while. The air was awkward, and Nino knew he wasn't going to get anywhere, so he left fairly early in the night. But not before giving Jun a kiss on the cheek, of course.


It had been nearly a month since then, but Jun and Nino hadn't spent any time together since. Nino knew that Jun was busy with filming for Hanadan, but he still couldn't help but worry. Was his relationship with Jun already over? Nino realized that if he wanted this relationship to work he was going to have to take the next step.

Nino somehow convinced Jun's manager to give him Jun's schedule for the week. Jun had filming from Monday to Friday, but Friday's filming ended early. Nino decided that he'd make a guest appearance on the set.


"Nino! What are earth are you doing here?"
"I just came to see how you guys were doing. I know you've all been working hard."
The other cast members chatted with Nino for a while, all while Jun looked on, suspicious.

Everyone went home for the night and Nino and Jun walked to the parking garage together.
"Where the hell is my manager?"
"He's not coming."
"What do you mean he's 'not coming'."
"I'm taking you to dinner, on me."
"Yeah, you deserve it. You've been working hard."
Jun grinned.
"Then what are we waiting for? I'm starving."

They arrived at the restaurant not to long after. It happened to be an Italian restaurant. An expensive Italian restaurant.
"You aren't going to pull an 'I forgot my wallet' are you?"
Nino chuckled.
"I promise I won't."
Jun gave him a look.
"I swear I'm going to pay!" He whipped his wallet out of his pocket and waved it in Jun's face.
"Alright, alright, I believe you."
Jun ordered a bottle of expensive wine, and Nino almost cried when he looked at the price.
"Hey, you said you'd pay."
"I hate you."
Jun grinned.

"You know, it's funny that you took me out for Italian."
Nino thought it was about time that he noticed.
"How so?" Nino asked between bites of pasta.
"It hasn't been officially announced yet, but I'm going to be an Italian chef in my next drama."
"I knew that," Nino said, smug.
"Eh? How?"
"I have my ways."
"You little shit." Jun smiled.
"Yep, that's me."

Once they finished eating, Nino begrudgingly pulled out his wallet and paid in full.
"I'm never taking you anywhere again."
Jun laughed.
"Seriously, did you buy the wine just to piss me off?"
"Well, I took advantage of free money, that's all."
"You're terrible."

Nino brought Jun home afterwards.
"Thanks for tonight. I really needed that."
"I'm glad you enjoyed it, even though my wallet is suffering."
"I didn't think you could be romantic, Ninomiya."
"No? Well I'm usually not."
"Well, you better keep at it, because I can't date someone who isn't at least a bit romantic."
"You just have to make things difficult, right Jun?"
"You knew I was difficult when you agreed to this."
"That's true. What was I thinking?"
"Oh shut up, you."
Nino smiled.
"Well I guess I'll see you tomorrow then?"
"Yeah, see you." Jun climbed out of the car.
"Jun, wait!"
"You forgot something."
"I did?" Jun leaned back into the car.
"Yeah. You forgot this."

Nino leaned in and captured Jun's lips in a kiss. Jun froze and his eyes widened in surprise.

"How was that for being romantic?"
"...Not bad, Kazunari." Jun was blushing.
Nino smirked. Maybe this romance thing wouldn't be so difficult.


From there on, it really wasn't difficult. Though they didn't see each other often, when they did it always felt comfortable. Though Nino usually didn't like to leave his apartment, Jun got him to go out. And going out wasn't such an inconvenience when it was with Jun.

One day, Nino was sitting on the couch in the greenroom playing his DS Lite, when Jun walked into the greenroom.
"Morning, Jun."
"Good morning!"
Jun walked over to Nino and gave him a quick kiss before plopping down next to him.
Nino blushed.
"Idiot, you know I don't like PDA!"
Jun chuckled as he snuggled up next to Nino.
"Wait, are you guys.."
"Yeah, we are."
"Matsujun likes men?!?!"
Jun and Nino burst out laughing.
"I thought you three would've figured it out already."
"I told you that they're dense."
"I'm not dense!"
"Yeah you are."
"You're really dense."
"How am I dense, Ninomiya?"
Nino looked at Jun.
"Well, you never figured out that I liked you back when we debuted, did you?"
"Ah, thinking back on it..."
"So that's why you always hung out with me... But why did you suddenly become cold?"
"Because you said that I was gross that I always clung to you."
"I said that? I'm really sorry. No wonder Nino snapped at me a while back."
"Apology accepted." Jun chuckled.
"Jun you're bi, right?"
"No, I'm gay."
Aiba comically spit out the water he was drinking.
"But how?! All those dramas you do... You really don't like women?"
"It's called being a good actor, Aiba."
"I don't think I'd be able to those kind of scenes with a guy though..."
"You wouldn't be able to do them with a girl either."
"Shut up!"
Everyone burst out laughing.
"How long have you been dating?"
"About three months."
"Have you guys 'done it' yet?"
"Have you?"
"Like we'd answer you, you perverts!"
Nino didn't remember what happened in the greenroom after that. Nino was too distracted by the idea of "doing it" with Jun.


Hanadan 2 filming wrapped up and Jun and Nino went out to celebrate. It was a typical date, as they went to dinner and a movie. After the movie, Jun drove Nino back home. Per what was now usual, they kissed in the car before saying goodbye. But Nino had noticed that every time their kiss got deeper and longer. This time they were practically making out while leaning over the gearshift. Apparently this was too inconvenient for Jun, as he pulled Nino over to his side of the car. Nino repositioned himself so he was sitting up on Jun's lap and then took control of the kiss.
They kissed like that for a while, hands roaming each other's bodies.
"Do you want to go inside?" Nino asked once they broke apart to breathe.
Jun nodded.


Nino knew to give Jun some space once they got inside. Nino could already see that Jun was really nervous. Jun immediately headed to the bathroom anyway. Nino figured he just needed a minute to think things through. A few minutes later, Nino heard the distinct sound of drawers and cabinets opening and closing. Nino wasn't bothered by the fact that Jun was digging through his drawers; he had nothing to hide anyway. Rather, his concern was what Jun was looking for so desperately.
"Jun, are you okay?"
"Yeah, why?"
"What are you looking for?"
"Can I open the door?"
"What were you looking for? I can tell you where it is."
"No, you probably don't have one..."
"One what?"
Jun slipped past Nino and walked toward the living room, flopping down on the couch. He was clearly avoiding Nino's eyes.
Nino sat down next to him.
"Jun, you don't have to be so nervous."
"I know-"
"We don't have to do this if you don't want to."
"No, I want to. I just can't help but get nervous. I wasn't expecting this so I just feel unprepared. But I want it, Kazu."
That last sentence sent a shiver down Nino's spine.
"Would you rather top or bottom?"
Jun swallowed hard.
"Have you ever tried penetrating yourself?"
"Well, I tried with my fingers once..."
"Didn't go well?"
"It wasn't bad..."
"But wasn't good either?"
"No, not really."
"I promise that you'll like it. So don't be so stressed, okay?"
Jun nodded.
"And seriously, what were you looking for in the bathroom?"
"An enema," Jun admitted.
"Yeah, I don't just have those lying around." Nino chuckled.
"Will that be a problem?"
"Have you had a normal bowel movement today?"
"Then no, it definitely won't be a problem."
"Are you sure?"
"I've never had it be an issue, and even if it were, it's really not that big of a deal."
"Should I have waxed back there? Should I have bleached... it?"
"Jun, Jun, calm down. There's no need for you to do any of that." Nino leaned over and kissed Jun. He stood up.
"Come on, let's go."
Jun stood up as well.
"You sure I shouldn't at least shower?"
"It's so cute how you are getting completely nervous."
"Stop it!" Jun blushed.

Jun laid down on the bed and Nino climbed on top of him.
"First things first, I don't think you need this." Nino tugged at Jun's shirt.
"You don't need yours either." They made quick work of removing their shirts, and before Jun even realized, Nino's fingers were already rubbing and pinching his nipples. Nino then pressed a few kisses to Jun's jaw and neck.
It was a bit weird for Jun to have the things that he usually does to girls done to him, but he didn't mind it. It certainly wasn't something he couldn't get used to.

Nino unzipped Jun's pants and slid them off. He continued to kiss Jun as he palmed Jun's growing erection through his boxers. Eventually Nino's fingers curled underneath the waistband of the underwear. He had only pulled them down slightly - enough to expose a bit of pubic hair - when Jun stopped him.
"Take yours off too." Jun blushed.
Nino grumbled as he tugged his own pants and underwear off. Who would've though that Matsumoto Jun would be so panicky and self-conscious? Though Nino thought it was cute to see Jun like this. He liked that he got to saw the side of Jun that no one else did.

Once Nino was completely naked, he removed Jun's boxers. He grinned as he took Jun's erection in his hand, stroking it gently. Jun watched Nino's every movement, still a bit nervous. Nino mentally vowed that he would get Jun so turned on that all of his fears and inhibitions would go away.

Jun jumped as he felt a tongue run up the base of his cock. He shouldn't have been surprised, as he watched Nino lean towards his dick with his tongue out, but it sent shivers through him nonetheless. Jun choked out a moan as Nino suddenly swallowed his cock whole without warning. Nino bobbed his head up and down enthusiastically, and while Jun was having a difficult time putting together coherent thoughts, he did find a second to wonder how Nino could enjoy it so much. But seeing Nino lips around his cock was a huge turn on, so Jun didn’t pay much thought to it. When Nino grabbed his  balls Jun instinctively thrusted up into Nino's mouth. Nino smirked around his cock and held Jun's hips down. Jun started to get desperate, moaning and writhing as he attempted to thrust his hips up. Jun grunted in frustration once Nino's mouth moved away.
"I can't let you come now. We haven't even gotten to the best part yet!" Nino smirked.
It was then that Nino got up to grab a condom and lube.
"You lied to me."
"About what?" Nino had retrieved the items and climbed back on the bed.
"You said you had sex with men a few times, but I have a feeling it was a lot more than a few times."
Nino burst out laughing.
"That good, huh?"
"Shut up."
"You said it, not me."
Jun groaned.
"You ready?"
"Y-yeah." Jun's lip quivered.
"You sure?"
Jun nodded.
"How do you want to do it?"
"Like this is fine."
"Okay, hand me that pillow."
"Now lift up your hips."

Nino slid the pillow under Jun so his hips were propped up. He uncapped the lube and covered his fingers in it.
"You're gonna have to open your legs, hun."
Jun opened his legs a fair amount.
"Wider, Jun."
Jun's whole face turned red as spread his legs as wide as he could.
"So hot," Nino muttered.
That comment made Jun's blush spread even further, up to the tips of his ears.
"If you don't like it, tell me."
Jun nodded.
With that Nino gently swirled a lube-covered finger around Jun's hole, causing Jun to flinch. Nino pressed a bit harder, but still not enough to penetrate. Nino watched in amusement as Jun's hole tensed up in response. Jun let out an annoyed grunt.
"Quit teasing! And stop staring, you perv!"
"Nope and no."
"I hate you."
"What can I do to make you not hate me?" Nino was still moving his finger over Jun's entrance.
"Get on with it!"
Nino had very quickly slid a finger inside of Jun. He moved it around, stretching the orifice. Jun tensed up again once Nino pushed a second finger in. Nino felt his cock get harder as he imagined what Jun's tightness would feel like around his dick rather than his fingers. He continued his attempts at stretching the hole, but the muscle wasn't really giving.
"Jun, are you okay?"
"Yeah, I'm alright. A bit uncomfortable though."
"You have to relax more, or it'll hurt. Breathe, Jun."
Jun took a deep breath.
Nino rubbed Jun's thigh as he slipped a third finger in. It took a while, but eventually he determined that Jun was prepared enough. Nino pulled his fingers out and grabbed the condom.
"Kazu, you promised that I'd like it."
"You don't like it?"
"It didn't hurt but it didn't feel particularly good, either."
"You'll change your mind very soon." Nino smirked.
Nino tore the foil and rolled the condom on his erection.
"I don't see how your dick is going to feel so much better," Jun mumbled.
Nino slicked himself in lube and lined himself up with Jun's entrance.
"Ready? It might hurt a little."
"I'm ready."
"Ah!" Jun yelled out as the head of Nino's cock pushed past the entrance of his hole. Nino let out a strangled cry as Jun clenched tightly around him.
"Re-lax," he choked out.
Jun took a second to breath and calm himself down.
Nino slowly moved the rest of the way inside, thankful that Jun was finally calming down. Jun wiggled his hips experimentally, and he realized that he actually liked the fullness that he felt with Nino inside of him.
"Can I move now?"
Jun nodded his consent, and Nino slowly pulled out and slid back in again. Jun didn't seem to be in any pain, so Nino increased the speed of his next thrusts. Then he changed the angle, trying to find the spot that would make Jun-
Found it.
Nino thrust harder and faster at that angle, hitting Jun's prostate relentlessly. Jun moaned each time, and desperately thrust his hips.
Jun was a moaning, writhing mess beneath Nino. His mouth was gaping and sweat was pooling at his forehead.
"Touch me."
"What was that?"
Jun knew damn well that Nino heard him.
"Touch me, fuck!"
Nino wrapped his hand around Jun's leaking cock, stroking it in time with his thrusts. Jun was coming a few strokes later, letting out a loud and high pitched moan and he came all over himself. The way Jun clenched around him during his orgasm caused Nino to climax as well, moaning Jun's name as he did.

Nino removed the condom and chucked it in the direction of the waste bin. Then he grabbed some tissues and handed them to Jun.
"How are you feeling?"
"Embarrassed as all hell."
"Worth it?"
They both chuckled and shared a kiss.


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what a pairing!
Nino and Jun, the brat one and the cool one! A really naughty couple! But when in love... oohhh....


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