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Title: Things Aren't Always What They Seem
Pairing: Yama
Rating: NC-17
Length: 3956 words
Genre:  Romance, Smut, AU
Summary: Sho falls in love with the most beautiful model ever, Ohno Satoko. Or does he?

Ohno Satoko was the most beautiful girl in the entire world.
Well, that was what Sakurai Sho thought, at least.

Sho was never one to believe in love at first sight, and as a matter of fact, he was rapidly losing faith in any type of love after the multiple failures with dates that his parents set up. That started to change, however, when he laid his eyes on an advertisement in a magazine.

It was just a typical makeup ad, but Sho had to pause for a second when he saw it. Sure, advertisements usually had pretty girls, but this girl was too beautiful too be true. After staring for a few seconds Sho snapped out of it, and turned the page.

A few days later, he happened to see her once more in an ad in a store. Sho once again found himself staring for too long. Afterwards, her face kept appearing in Shos thoughts. So he did some research.

It didnt take long before Sho was a huge fan. Satoko wasnt that famous of a model and she only had a few projects, but that didnt matter to Sho. She was beautiful, and from the small glimpses of her personality he got to see, she had a great personality too. Though a bit spacey at times, but that just added to her charm.

One day, Satoko tweeted on her small account with only a few hundred followers that shed be doing her first CM shoot, Sho just knew that he had to take the opportunity to meet her. The CM would be for a small company, and it would only air in a specific area, so it wasnt hard to figure out where the shoot would be taking place. Sho went to the companys building and grinned when he saw the cameras outside. Sho was careful not to show up too early, arriving a fair while after the shooting started. He only exited his car towards the end of the filming. Once the staff all said their thank yous and goodbyes, Sho nervously ran up to Satoko.

Sorry to bother you but...
Satoko turned to face him, and Shos heart stopped.
I-i, Im a fan of yours and...
A fan? Of me?
Sho nodded.
Really? Ive never had a fan come up to me like this before...
I r-really like all of your w-works and uh...
Dont be nervous! Im not anyone special...
Want to go grab some lunch?
Eh? But Im just a fan!
But youre my first fan. I want to know more about you.
Well if its really okay with you...
Satoko chuckled, and Sho felt at ease looking at that smile.

So, why did you become a model, uh... Ohno...san?
Satoko is fine. Satoko grinned.
Okay, Satoko...san. Why did you start modeling?
Well, I wasnt really the type to do well in school, you see. When I was struggling in school my mom found that a modeling agency that was doing auditions, and made me try. Though I didnt think I would make it through, I somehow passed.
Eh? Of course you would make it in with a face as beautiful as yours!
Satoko chuckled nervously.
Thank you.
I really cant believe that youd take a fan out to lunch...
Well, Ive never had a fan before. And youre a nice guy anyway.
I guess.
And besides, youre pretty cute too.
Sho blushed.
Ahahah... Thanks...

Sho couldnt believe his luck that day. Not only did Satoko call him cute, but at the end of their lunch she gave him her phone number. Sho was starting to find hope in love once more.


Satoko really liked Sho. They had only been on a few dates at that point but Satoko had fallen hard. The one thing that annoyed her was that Sho hadnt even attempted to kiss her yet. He was probably too afraid of taking the first step because he was the fan, but Satoko wanted Sho to know that she did not see him as a fan.

So when Sho walked her home one night, before she went inside Satoko kissed him. Sho was taken aback at first, but he smiled in return. And after that they kissed each time they saw each other. Slowly but surely Sho was becoming less hesitant with his affections towards Satoko. Eventually Sho invited Satoko to go over to his place for dinner. Satoko was happy that their relationship was progressing and that shed be able to see Shos apartment. There was just one problem.

Satoko wasnt what he seemed.

He knew he had to tell Sho. And every time they went out he swore he would. But Satoshi enjoyed his time with Sho so much that he didnt want to lose him. So when Sho asked Satoshi to go to his apartment for dinner, Satoshi couldnt say no. But going to Shos place also could mean that Sho wanted to take their relationship to the next level, and Satoshi would be caught in his act. He had to tell Sho.

I-i... I have something that I have to tell you...
The tone of Ohnos voice made Sho worried.
Satoko, whats wrong?
Im sorry for not telling you sooner, and I know you are going to leave me because of this...
It cant be that bad, right?"
Ohno shook his head.
No, its bad.
What is it?
Ohno took a deep breath.
Im a man.
Sho took a second to process that statement.
Its exactly as I said. Im a man.
Sho could comprehend how a man could pass as a woman so well.
Wait... are you transgender? Have you been taking hormones and all that?
No, Im not transgender. Im just a man in womens clothing.
Are you joking with me?
Suddenly Sho noticed the Adams apple on Ohnos neck. He couldnt believe that he hadnt noticed himself. He couldnt believe that he had been dating a man for a couple of months and didnt even notice. He felt betrayed, and confused.
Well I dress like this because my agency forces me too. And I kept dressing like this because I like you and didnt want you to leave me.
Sho was angry, but seeing Satoko?s pretty face saying that he didnt want Sho to leave made Sho want to listen.
Whats your name?
Satoshi... Satoshi why are you forced to dress like a girl?
I used to dress like a guy but once I cross-dressed for an ad and my agency decided that I was better as a girl, so thats what theyve made me do.
Dont you hate it?
I think its fun but it can be exhausting to keep up the girl persona.
Sho suddenly realized that Satoshi was still talking with a high-pitched voice and behaving in a girl-like manner.
You can stop now.
Satoshi nodded.
Look, Im sorry about lying to you. I want you to give me another chance but thats probably not possible...
Seeing such a beautiful girl talk with a deep voice was a bit unsettling. But despite the fact that Sho had no interest in men he couldnt let go of Satoshi. He had fallen too hard. He tried to convince himself that he had fallen in love with something that didnt exist but he couldnt.
Can I see what you really look like?
Satoshi nodded.
Can I borrow some clothes from you?
Sure. They are all in the closet in my room.
Satoshi removed the wig, and scrubbed all the makeup off. He removed his bra and his fake breasts before slipping into a t-shirt and sweatpants. Satoshi took a deep breath before exiting the bathroom.


Shos jaw dropped.
Is that really you?
Satoshi averted his glance and nodded.
Sho was more astonished than anything.
How did you get so good at makeup?
Practice. Hours and hours of practice.
When Satoshi sat across from him, Sho finally began to recognize the person before him. He had the same kind eyes, and soft lips, and pretty hands as Satoko. Sho could see traces of the Satoko he loved in front of him and it made him feel sad.
There was a moment of silence before Sakurai had the courage to ask what he really wanted to know.
Was the person I knew all a lie?
Absolutely not. Im the same person you know, just with no makeup on. I promise. I love to draw, and fish, like Ive said. I could never just change my personality like that.
Sho took a moment to consider what Satoshi had just said.
So, what do you think? Its fine if its not possible for you to date a man. I understand....
Sho sighed. He loved this person too much to give up on them yet. Even if the implications of dating a man were making Sho sick to his stomach.
I-I cant...
Satoshis face sank.
I get it-
I cant let you go.
Satoshis eyes lit up with hope.
I cant make any promises that thisll work but... I like you too much.
Sho... Satoshi started to tear up. Thank you.
Sho gave an honest smile in return.

Their conversation was bit awkward after that, both of them unsure of what to say, but eventually they fell into their usually rhythm and were talking up a storm. Sho was confident that even if dating didnt work out they would be able to remain good friends.

A few hours later, when Satoshi went to leave, they shared an awkward hug before he exited Shos apartment. Both of them knew it would be a long road ahead.


Over the entire week, Sho couldnt get Satoshi out of his head. Whenever Satoshi texted him, he jumped to reply, even if Satoshis text didnt have all of the cute heart emojis that they did back when Sho thought he was a girl. Sho didnt know if Satoshi was being hesitant or was just pretending to text like that to seem girly. Sho really hoped it was the former.

Sho kept on wondering whether his relationship with Satoshi would work. Once Saturday rolled around, Sho was sick of wondering. The only way to know whether his relationship would work was to spend time with Satoshi. So he did just that.


Sho?! Why are you here?
Satoshi opened the door to his apartment to find Sho standing outside, fishing pole in hand.
Were going fishing today!
A huge grin broke out across Satoshis face.
Lemme just shower and put some real clothes on.
Mm. Sho nodded.

When Satoshi went to the bathroom to shower, Sho found himself wandering around the apartment. He found a room filled with Satoshis artwork and was mesmerized by it. He just thought that Satoshis art was a small hobby, and he never expected the works to be of such high quality. Sho looked through the paintings and he found a half-finished one of himself. Even though it was far from finished Sho thought it was absolutely amazing. He felt honored that someone took the time to paint a picture of him.
Oh, Satoshi.
I see that you found my art. Satoshi chuckled.
Its amazing! Why didnt you show me before?
Its not that good...
Yes it is! Can I have this one of me?
No, its not even done yet! Satoshi said, blushing and feeling caught.
Can I have it when its done?
If you want it that bad..." Ohno shook his head. "Come on lets go fishing!

Sho was pretty bored with catching nothing for an hour, but it was all worth it when Satoshi hooked a fish on his line. The smile on Satoshis face once he successfully reeled the fish in warmed Shos heart. He saw those lips curve into a smile and suddenly he remembered how nice it was to have them against his. After Satoshi put the fish in the cooler, Sho couldnt resist his urge to kiss Satoshi. He grabbed Satoshis face and mashed their lips. Satoshi froze in shock for a second, but quickly started to kiss back. They broke apart after a few seconds, and Shos face turned bright red in embarrassment as he realized that the captain had seen the whole thing and was now giving him a thumbs-up. Satoshi chuckled, glad that has boyfriend had been able to kiss him.

Sho thought that it would be disgusting to kiss a man, but it hadnt felt any different than kissing a girl. Though it was the same person, he supposed. Him and Satoshi shared a few more brief kisses that day, between their time catching fish and eating it.


Though Sho still felt a bit uncomfortable with dating a man, he was getting used to it. It was actually pretty relaxing to hang out with a man, as Sho felt as though he could understand Satoshi better than he could understand a girl.

There was just one issue.

Sho and Satoshi had been dating for a few months now, and even though Satoshi had been pretending to be a girl for half that time, Sho still felt as though he was somewhat obligated to have sex at this point. Sho really liked, no, loved Satoshi, but the idea of having sex with a man was still off-putting. Sho tried to watch gay porn, but it didnt turn him on at all. Even when he turned the porn off and thought just about Satoshi, he had a tough time getting hard. Sho didnt know why either. He was starting to find Satoshi to be attractive, even despite the fact that he was a man. Sho figured it was that deep down he still felt as though it was wrong to have sex with a man. Sho sighed. He had to get over this to make their relationship work.

Can we talk?
Is something wrong? Sho could hear the concern in Satoshis voice.
No, not really.
What is it?
Well I kind of wanted to talk about... sex.
Satoshi sighed, relieved that Sho wasnt dumping him but also worried that Sho was going to say that he couldnt have sex with him.
What about it?
Well I just wanted to say that Im willing to try but Im pretty worried about it.
Satoshi smiled.
What about it worries you?
Im worried since its my first time with a man and I dont know what Im doing and... Im afraid I wont like it.
You cant know whether youll like it until you try it, right?
Sho nodded.
Well then you can only try. I had a feeling youd be pretty nervous, but you can decide what we do. I wont do anything you arent comfortable with, okay?
Thank you for trying this for me, Sho. Satoshi smiled.
Sho gave a shy smile in return.


With that puffy face of yours I never wouldve expected that youd have such a nice body.
Oh, shut up!
Satoshi chuckled and kissed Sho, running his hands down Shos chest and over his abdomen.
Is it alright that Im a guy so far?
Yeah... but you havent taken your pants off yet...
I suppose thats true. What do you want to do anyway?
I-I dont know...
I dont even have to take my pants off. Satoshi chuckled. I can just jerk you off or give you a blowjob if thatll help you get used to having sex with a man. Or you can fuck me. Your choice.
Although the second option sure seemed tempting, Sho felt bad for Satoshi. He really felt how much Satoshi cared for him when he offered just to get Sho off without Sho returning the favor. Hearing those kind words gave Sho the desire to satisfy Satoshi.
So whatll it be?
I agreed to have sex with you, didn't I?
Satoshis face lit up.
Well, I guess you did.
Sho leaned down and captured Satoshis lips in a rough kiss. He snaked his hands down to Satoshis waist and opened his belt.
Sho hesitantly tugged Satoshi's pants and underwear down in one go, figuring it was better not to put it off any longer. Sho didn't know what to do and in his panic he just settled with staring at Satoshi's large, half-hard erection.
"W-what do I do?" Sho sat down on the bed in an exaggerated anguish.
Satoshi burst out laughing at Sho's despair while wiggling the rest of the way out of his pants.
"Relax, Sho. There's nothing to stress out about. Come on, you're a guy. You know what to do with a penis."
Sho took a deep breath. Satoshi was right, Sho had no need to be nervous. Maybe having sex with a guy wouldn't be too difficult after all.
Sho slowly reached out to Satoshi's dick and wrapped his hand around it. He stroked slowly and gently, still hesitant. As he did this he looked up and his eyes met with Satoshi's stare. Sho blushed madly and looked away. For some reason giving a handjob to a guy seemed much more degrading than doing the same to a girl.

Sho continued to stroke Satoshi until was fully hard and leaking.
"What now?"
"Do I have to spell everything out for you?" Satoshi said, grinning.
"Don't worry about it, it's cute."
Sho pouted.
"Start by taking you pants off." Satoshi chuckled. He leaned over and grabbed a condom and a bottle of lube and handed them to the now naked Sho.
Sho poured the lube on his fingers and slowly slid one inside of Satoshi.
Sho still couldnt meet Satoshis eyes, even as he prepared him. He still couldnt get pass the fact that he was about to have sex with a man. He had it drilled in his head for so long that being in a same-sex relationship is improper that he just couldnt shake the thought that he was about to do something disgusting. But he loved Satoshi, and he would have to get used to sex at some point. There was no reason to put it off any longer.
Sho finished preparing Satoshi and removed his fingers.
You still arent completely hard? Satoshi questioned, looking at Shos half-hard cock.
Sho shook his head.  In response Satoshi wrapped a hand around Shos dick, stroking it to full hardness. It took a minute, but eventually Sho was able to get it up. Satoshi opened the condom and rolled it on Shos erection and the covered it in lube.

Sho pushed into Satoshi slowly, as if he were afraid that Satoshi would break. He continued to move in and out at a slow pace, until Satoshi groaned in annoyance.
Im not that fragile, ya know. Fuck me hard, Sakurai.
Sho responded to that request with a series of faster thrusts.
Uh, harder Sho!
Satoshis moans and begs were a huge turn on, and they gave Sho a much needed confidence boost. Sho continued to fuck Satoshi roughly until he suddenly felt his climax approaching. Sho moaned loudly as he continued to thrust through his orgasm, spilling into the condom. Once he came to, he wrapped his hand around Satoshis erection once more and stroked him until he was coming with a shout.

Sho was slightly grossed out by the sight of Satoshis semen running down his hand. He wiped himself off and headed to the shower first, without saying so much as a word to Satoshi.

Whyd you run off to the shower so quickly?
I felt dirty.
Of course you did, you had sex. Do you normally run to the shower immediately after you finish?
Satoshi sighed.
Did you hate it or something? You can be honest.
I didnt hate it. To be perfectly honest, once I got into it, I enjoyed it. Its just going to take a while to get used to, so bare with me?
You arent just saying that right?
No. I love you Satoshi. I mean it. I really want this to work, but its going to be a bit difficult to get comfortable with the idea that youre a man. Im sorry that it has to be like this.
Satoshi felt as though his heart melted when Sho said that he loved him.
I dont mind having to help you get used to it. I love you too, Sho.
Sho smiled and leaned it for a quick kiss. It might be tough to let go of his inhibitions, but Sho was more than willing to put in the effort for Satoshi.

A/N: There will be more from this AU! :D

Date: 2017-03-01 07:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] hsiahsirafzi.livejournal.com
I'm happy that u said there'll be more. Because i think it can't just end here since it is so good and theyre just about to warm up with each other about their intimacy. Hehehe. Cant wait for more. Thank you for writing

Date: 2017-03-01 08:55 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nin0t0.livejournal.com
aww... it's so realistic ^^.. they're cute!! thanks <3

Date: 2017-03-01 10:11 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] agustin1982.livejournal.com
aahh Yama ♥
I love the story :D
This story need more~~~ because Sho still awkward with the situation :D
Thank you so much for writing~

Date: 2017-03-01 03:34 pm (UTC)
arashixohmiya: (Default)
From: [personal profile] arashixohmiya
kyaaa i wanna

Date: 2017-03-02 04:06 pm (UTC)
falkner: photoshoot picture of Sakurai Sho from Arashi (嵐 ☆ lounging)
From: [personal profile] falkner
This is super cute. Sho's insecurity but willingness to try dating Satoshi anyway are adorable. You go, Sho, follow your heart~

Date: 2017-03-11 02:56 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] saaurus.livejournal.com

Yay!! You did Satoko fic! This was really good! I really liked how you worked Sho's complex. I'll be waiting for more~

I needed a boost to continue writing so thank you for this!


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