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As promised, here's Part 2!
Title: Nice Aim! 2 / 2

Rating: NC-17
Length: 732 Words
Pairing: Ohba
Genre: Smut, Humor, Crack
Summary: When Ohba slipped in the shower, did Aiba accidentally slide face first towards Ohno's crotch, or was it on purpose?
Part 1 is here:
Please note that italicized text in a member's color is that member's thoughts.

The Tennen pair made their way out of the showers, and into Arashi's green room, where they were greeted with cat calls and teasing comments. They tried to ignore the bandmates as they collected their belongings and headed towards the door.
"Have fun guuuuys~"
"Don't get pregnant, Sa~to~shi~"
"And NEVER have sex in a public shower again! I don't want to hear that! And no one else does either!"


During the car ride home, Aiba was becoming more and more impatient. He had been aroused for a long time now. So it wasn't very surprising that Aiba pinned Ohno against the wall in the entrance way the second they entered the younger's apartment.

"Bedroom. Now."
Aiba led Ohno towards the bedroom down the hallway, attempting to shed off some clothes in between fiery kisses.

They had both lost their shirts before Satoshi pushed the younger man on the bed, straddling his lap. Ohno sucked and nibbled on Aiba's neck, his mouth eventually sliding down to do the same to the large birthmark. Aiba stifled a moan.
"Don't be quiet. I want to hear you." Aiba shivered at the command. He'd never seen the leader so demanding and in control.
Wait does that mean... Aww! But I wanted to top! Oh well, there's always next ti-
"Oh fuck!"
Aiba's thought was interupted by Ohno biting his nipple and palming his erection through his pants simultaneously.
Ohno undid Aiba's pants, sliding them down along with his underwear.
"Top drawer." Aiba gestured to the nightstand to the right.
Ohno spread Masaki's leg wide open, giving himself a second to admire the man splayed out beneath him.

"Has anyone ever told you that you are beautiful?"
"Well it's a shame, because you are." Aiba blushed at the compliment, turning his face away in embarrassment.
Satoshi lubed his fingers and inserted two into the gaping hole. Aiba grunted at the intrusion. It had been a while since he was in the receiving position.
A third finger was inserted, and Satoshi pressed against Aiba's spot, causing the younger to moan deliciously.
Ohno removed his fingers, causing Aiba to whimper. He didn't have much time to whine, however, as soon enough he felt a large hardness pressing into him. Masaki cried out, a wave of pain and pleasure shooting up his spine. The older man gave him a minute to adjust before gently thrusting in and out. Before long, Ohno was slamming into the tightness, causing Aiba to scream out.

"Satoshi, I'm close." The leader responded by wrapping his hand around Aiba' cock, jerking to the rhythm of his thrusts. It only took a few seconds for Aiba to spill over, and after a couple more thrusts Ohno was climaxing inside the younger.
They lay in silence for a few moments, coming down from their high.


The shower started off innocently, with short kisses and playful touches. Despite this, Aiba couldn't contain himself. He saw that adorable ass when Satoshi bent over to grab the shampoo and wanted nothing more than have Ohno bent over while he fucked him roughly.
Masaki grabbed Ohno and mashed their lips together, grinding against the older.

"Again?" Ohno chuckled.
"Are you up for another round?"

"Turn around and bend over." The roles had reversed and this time the younger was giving the orders. Ohno quickly complied, using the railing in the shower to support himself.
Aiba glanced around him.
This'll work.
He opened the bottle of body wash and poured some on his fingers, which he inserted into the older man. He quickly began scissoring the tight hole.
"Just fuck me already!"
Aiba removed his fingers, and lubed himself up. He thrust completely into Satoshi and began moving at a steady pace.
"Ah, shit, go faster!" Masaki began to pound into the hole with as much strength as he had.
Satoshi felt his orgasm approaching.

"Touch me!" He's demanding even when he bottoms.
Aiba grabbed Ohno's erection and stroked until the older climaxed, with the younger finishing soon after.

The men washed off and curled up next to each other in the bed, sleeping soundly.



"Masaki, last night was great, but I'm curious about something."

"What is it?"

"Did you purposely fall on my... you know." Aiba giggled at the older's embarassment.

"No, it was completely an accident!"

"Idiot." Ohno laughed and swatted at Aiba's head.

Thanks for reading!

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Date: 2015-09-10 12:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] wjktl.livejournal.com
I love this...both can be top Ne....!
Demanding and serious ohno is HOT!

Date: 2015-09-11 01:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] hanarashi.livejournal.com
yeah oh-chan is a quite guy but he's sooooooooooo freakin hot
when he's written as something fierce and demanding in
situations like this...lol.. <3
thanks for sharing dear! ^_^


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