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Things Aren't Always What They Seem Chapter 2

Title: Things Aren't Always What They Seem Chapter 2
Pairing: Yama, mentioned Matsumiya
Rating: NC-17
Length: 1437 words
Genre:  Drama, fluff, smut

Note: Idek how this became chaptered but here we are

If Sho wanted to be fully comfortable with his relationship with Satoshi, he needed acceptance. He needed others to tell him that it was okay to be with a man. He needed the comfort in the knowledge that the people he cared about most would accept him.

He had no clue how his friends from college would react, so they were out. His family might have trouble accepting it, and Sho wasn't ready for the commitment of telling them anyway. The only person Sho could trust enough to tell was, unexpectedly enough, his boss. Sho, despite the professional he was, was really close to his boss. And his boss seemed to be the type of guy who was accepting - his drunken political discussions with Sho revealed that he was pretty left-wing in ideas. Sure, Sho knew it was a risk. He could lose his job over this. But Sho really didn't think his boss was that type of guy.

 Sho sighed as he knocked on the door of his boss during his lunch hour. 

"Sakurai! What brings you here during your lunch break?"

Sho had a sudden realization as to how hot his boss was, looking at him this close. He froze for a second and stared. Sure he knew Jun was handsome, but dating Satoshi had made Sho realize the beauty of men.

"W-well, I wanted to discuss something with you."

"What is the matter?"

"Sorry, Matsumoto-san, but it's more of a personal issue..."

Jun was surprised. Sho was not the type to bring personal issues into the workplace, ever. Sure, Jun knew a bit about Sho's personal life, but that was only because they had gone out for drinks a few times. Jun knew this had to be serious, so he dropped his business tone.

"What's up?"

"Well I'm seeing someone-"

"About time."

Jun at least knew enough about Sho's private life to know that he wasn't getting around all that much.

Sho glared. 


Sho sighed.

"I hope that you'll accept me still but... this person is a man."

Jun struggled to keep the grin from forming on his face.

"How did this come to be? I thought you were the straightest guy on the planet." Jun chuckled.

"So did I."

"No, no, you have to tell me the story."

Sho sighed.

"Come on~"


Sho pulled out his phone and opened a photo of one of 'Satoko's' ads.

"Have you ever seen this model?"

"I don't think so..."

"Well she's gorgeous, right?"

"...Yeah, sure."

Sho glared again.

"Yes, yes, she's pretty. How is this relevant?"

"Because I fell for her."

"How is that relev-"

"And I happened to run into her during one of her CM filmings.” Sho of course, left out the fact that he actually went to the filming location on purpose. “We talked and hit it off well, and we started dating. But..."


"Turns out she's no girl after all. It's a man that works as a female model."

"Holy shit. Are you going to dump him?"

"No, though I was considering it at first I decided that I like him too much. So we're still together."

"I'm shocked that you didn't dump him."

"Me too, to be honest."

"But why're you coming to me about this? Not that I mind, it's just that you aren't the type to talk about your private life at work. Is something wrong?"

"Honestly, I just think I need to hear someone tell me that it's okay and that they accept me. You think it's fine, right?"

Jun chuckled.

"Well, I think it would be pretty weird for a gay man to tell someone they can't date a person of the same sex as them."

"...Wait. You...?" Sho’s eyes widened.

Jun grinned. 

"I'm good at hiding it, right?"

"Yeah you are..." He paused. "Wait a second."


"That Nino guy isn't an assistant is he..."

Jun burst out laughing. For the past couple of years he had brought his 'assistant' along to all work-related trips.

"Well, he does assist me with many things." Jun smirked.

Sho gave him an incredulous look.

"I knew something was off with that guy. I can't believe you've been bringing your boyfriend along and saying that he works for you."

"When you get to be in my position, you can pull that sort of thing. And no one suspects that we're together."

"How nice."

Jun grinned.

"Anyway, let me meet your boyfriend sometime. And don’t listen to those who say that you are wrong. They can't understand how you feel. Just do what makes you happy without paying any mind to them."

Sho smiled.

"Thank you, Jun."


Usually, Satoshi changed back into his normal clothes before returning home from work. But this time filming ran a bit late, and Satoshi had plans to go to Sho’s place so he rushed to get there as soon as possible.

“Eh? Still a girl?” Sho grinned.

“I was running late so I didn’t bother to change before I left work.”

“I don’t mind.” Sho pressed a few kisses to Satoshi’s face.

“I got delivery, if you’re hungry.”

“I’m starving!” Satoshi decided to postpone changing until after dinner. He was too hungry.

Before Sho brought out the food, however, he started to kiss Satoshi repeatedly. Satoshi smiled and appreciated the attention until he suddenly realized something. He then shoved Sho away.

"What was that for?"

"You are only all over me because I look like a girl!"

"That's not true at all Satoshi I-"

"Bullshit! You're never like this!"

"Satoshi, if I wanted you to be a girl I would've broken up with you by now."

"Then break up with me then!"

"No! Satoshi, I don't want you to be a girl. Really."

"That's not true."

"Sure it would be easier if you are a girl, but I like you enough that I'm willing to take the difficult route to be with you. Please Satoshi, believe me."

"...Fine." Satoshi still wore a pout on his face.

In a last-ditch effort, Sho leaned in towards Satoshi’s ear and whispered; “I’ll even consider giving you a blowjob later to prove my point.”

All traces of anger left Satoshi as his eyes lusted over at the thought. Sho smirked as he grabbed the food from the fridge.

 Sho’s smirk quickly turned into a look of worry, however. Sho was not ready to give a blowjob. He had never done it before and had no idea how to go about it, or whether it would be gross, or if he would gag... Sho was panicked. But he decided to follow through with it. Satoshi deserved it.


“Sho you are panicking.”

“No I’m not!” Sho was face to face with Satoshi’s large and hard cock, and most definitely was panicked.

“Yes you are. Come on, don’t force yourself.”

“No! I’m a man of my word.”

Satoshi rolled his eyes.

“Just... Go slow, okay?”

Sho nodded.

Very slowly, with a look that can only be described as one of terror, Sho took the head into his mouth. It wasn’t as gross as he expected it to be, but he didn't think there was anyway he’d take the whole thing in. However, he slowly attempted to do just that. Once he got about halfway he gagged. This made him panic which just made him gag harder, forcing Satoshi to pull out.

“Take a deep breath, Sho. Breathe.”

Sho took a few seconds to calm down.

“You don’t have to go through with this if you don’t-“

“No, it’s fine. I can handle it.”

Sho went for it again.

“Don’t forget to breathe through your nose, Sho.”

Sho slowly swallowed Satoshi’s erection, getting to about three fourths of the way.

“That’s far enough, Sho. Don’t push yourself.”

Sho pulled back then swallowed Satoshi’s dick again, earning a moan from Satoshi. Sho continued to do this, increasing his pace and managing to take even more of the appendage in. Hearing Satoshi’s repeated moans was encouraging to Sho, and his worries melted away. Eventually Satoshi’s moans increased both in volume and frequency, and he pushed Sho away. Sho was confused as to why at first, but he soon realized why as Satoshi’s hot cum poured on his face. Sho was pretty grossed out, but he was also proud of himself for following through with it. He poked his tongue out to taste a bit of the cum pouring down his face, and grimaced as he realized how gross it tasted, making Satoshi laugh.

“Well, I guess I should return the favor, right?”

Sho grinned.

Giving a blowjob was totally worth it.

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