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Once in the beggar’s shack, the prince began to get suspicious and wondered what he had in store.


The beggar led the prince to a soft bed and told him to lie down on his stomach


'Did you know that your dick isn't the only pleasure point on your body?' The beggar said, 'pull down your pants and I'll show you another one'


Having no choice, the prince pulled down his pants, exposing his pale ass.


The beggar reached down and began caressing the prince's ass, pulling out a small vial filled with a mysterious liquid


'What's that?' The prince asked, 'will that make my penis bigger?'


The beggar laughed. 'No you silly prince, this will make your ass feel really good. Now relax and let me work my magic'


Deciding to trust the beggar, the prince relaxed and allowed him to touch his body.


After a few minutes, the prince felt the beggar spread his cheeks apart and pour the liquid on his asshole, using his finger to circle around it.


When the beggar thought the prince was relaxed enough he took his finger and began slowly inserting it into the prince's hole causing the prince to be alarmed


'What are you doing?!' The prince asked, 'don't you know that's where I shit from?!'


The beggar laughed and told the prince to relax. 'There's a secret magical spot located here, just be patient young prince, and I'll make you feel amazing'


After taking a minute to calm down, the beggar began moving his finger around again, slowly going deeper into the prince's hole until it touched something that made the prince jump.


'There it is,' the beggar said, 'now watch as I give you the best pleasure you'll ever feel.'


The beggar began moving his finger around the area, causing the prince to gasp in pleasure and his penis to harden, not that the beggar would notice


Seeing the prince's reaction, the beggar began slowly inserting another finger, which caused the prince to grip the (very cheap) bed sheets. After working it in gently, he moved back to the prince's spot giving it a more intense massage.


The prince was in awe. How could some beggar give him such amazing pleasure? He slowly felt himself reaching his climax and reached his hand down and began jerking his dick off


Seeing the prince pleasuring himself, the beggar made his movements more intense, causing the prince to come intensely after a minute of his ministrations.


The beggar slowly slid his finger out of the prince's ass, wiping off the liquid on the bed sheets.


'How was it?' The beggar asked


'It was amazing!' The prince replied, 'how did you know about that?'


'Magic.' the beggar said, 'now how about I show you how to perform some magic on my dick with your mouth?' He said pointing to the giant bulge that had formed in his pants


Slightly curious, the prince agreed and ended up staying the night at the beggar's shack learning many different types of magic.