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Good Things Come From Small Packages

Title: Good Things Come From Small Packages
Pairing: Matsumiya
Rating: NC-17
Length: 1855  words
Genre: Smut, Humor?
Summary: Nino finds joy from something that would usually be considered one of Jun's faults.

Nino couldn’t believe the sight before him.
“Oh my god...”
Jun winced. This was bad, very, very bad. He was about to get dumped, or laughed at, or mocked, or-
“IT’S SO CUTE!!!!!!!!”
Wait, what?
Jun had gotten looks of disapproval, laughs, and even had been dumped once over his problem, but never had he been complimented about it.
“Who would’ve thought Matsumoto Jun would be sporting THIS!”
“Does it... disappoint you?”
“No it’s fucking adorable. I love it.”
“But didn’t you just say that you-“
“Love cock? Yes, I do. All cocks. Even teeny adorable ones.”
Jun’s jaw dropped. People who claimed to love cock always liked them big...
“This is by far the smallest I’ve seen. So cute! No wrinkles or anything. And your balls are nice and round. Adorable. I love it.” Nino leaned in closer to continue his examination.
“But... will it satisfy you? I mean, most guys want me to bottom all the time, and the others don’t seem to feel anything...” Jun was far too used to facing rejection for his small sex organ.
“Meh, there’s dildos for that. And besides, now sex won’t add to my back pain when it flairs up. And I won’t have to choke on it either. Speaking of which...”
Nino leaned in and wrapped his lips around Jun’s little dick.
Jun felt his blood go south when Nino slid him inside of his mouth, experimentally sucking and moving his tongue around. As Nino increased his pace and began sucking harder, Jun moaned loudly and started to fuck Nino’s face.
Nino was thoroughly amused by Jun’s eagerness, and even more overjoyed by the fact that his boyfriend could fuck his face without choking him. This was great.
Nino continued his work on the small appendage, occasionally groping Jun’s balls with his hand.

Jun had never seen someone so enthusiastic about his dick before. Seeing a guy so excited to suck him off was not something Jun had experienced before. The attention he was getting was turning him on, and it wasn’t long until he felt his orgasm approaching.
“Fuck, Kazu, I’m gonnaaAAH-”
Jun was spilling into Nino’s mouth before he even finished his sentence. Nino chuckled at Jun’s quick climax before swallowing the load.

“Sorry...” Jun hoped he didn’t disappoint by coming so soon.
“No problem. But you will be sorry if you don’t do something about this,” Nino said with a grin, gesturing to his larger erection straining against his pants.

Jun licked his lips. He sure would be sorry if he missed out on this opportunity.


It was a week after Jun and Nino’s first time, and the last concert of Arashi’s tour had just ended. Nino and Jun finally reached their hotel room, and Jun was still pumped up from the performance. And a little bit sexually frustrated after seeing Nino shake his butt to tease him multiple times during the con. Nino could see this and was expecting to be jumped the second they reached their hotel room, so he tugged his shirt and pants off upon entering the room and flopped down on the bed, motioning for Jun to join him.
Jun was quick to scamper onto the bed after him, meeting Nino’s lips in a kiss. Once they broke apart Nino helped Jun remove his shirt as well and started to touch Jun’s shoulders and back, moving his hands downward to give Jun’s ass a few firm gropes. After a few more minutes of kissing and groping, Jun pulled away from Nino and sat back on the bed, looking expectant.

“What do you want to do?”
Nino damn well knew the answer to that question, but he figured he might as well ask anyway.
“Well, I like bottoming...”
Nino nodded for him to continue.
“But I, well...” Jun sighed.
“Don’t feel in the mood today?”
“I’d rather not today, no. If that’s oka-“
“Of course it’s okay. I like bottoming too ya know.”
Nino laid back on the bed and spread his legs open.
“Do you have-“
“In my bag.” Nino almost said ‘you might not even need it’ but he bit his tongue. That wasn’t true and he really didn’t need to make Jun even more self-conscious
It didn't take Jun very long to find the lube, as it was the only thing that was in his bag besides the exact amount of clothes he would need for the trip and one gaming console.

Jun returned to the bed, small bottle in hand. He made quick work of stripping himself and Nino of their remaining clothes. He poured some lube on his hand and reached forward to begin to prepare Nino.
Nino took a deep breath.
“Don’t prepare me.”
“Oh...” Jun glanced down at his erection, ashamed.
“I don’t mean it as a bad thing. I just don’t want you to stretch me so far that I don’t feel anything.”
Jun still looked depressed.
“Juuuun~ Quit moping and stick it in me already!”
“Jun, come on, you know I like your dick... I just want it to still feel good. Maybe part of your issue is that guys can’t feel it because you stretched them open beforehand.”
Jun groaned.
“Stop lying to me, Nino! You can’t possibly want it. No one does.”
“What can I do to prove it to you?”
How about this?
Nino pushed Jun down on the bed. He grabbed Juns lube-covered hand with his own, and spread the lube onto Juns dick. Nino lifted himself and lined up his hole with Juns erection. He lowered himself down quickly, causing Jun to let out a low moan.
"Hows that for not wanting it?
Jun rolled his eyes and replied with a sharp thrust, leaving Nino grinning.
Nino started to bounce up and down on Juns lap, but unfortunately his enthusiasm caused Juns dick to fall out every other thrust, so they ended up switching places again. Jun thrust into Nino as hard as he could while stroking Ninos dick. Jun was feeling more and more confident as Nino noises started to get louder, and it wasnt long before Jun found himself moaning Ninos name while coming inside him. Jun stroked Ninos cock as quickly as he could while he was coming down from his high, but Nino still didnt finish. Jun sighed as he pulled out, disappointed in himself.

That was good, Nino said.
Jun glared.
No really. Im the powerhouse, I dont cum easily.
Jun rolled his eyes.
I thought that the powerhouse rumor said that you could cum twice, not that you didnt cum.
Who said I was referring to that bullshit rumor?
Jun sighed again.
What am I supposed to do? I cant even get you off...
Is it seriously the end of the world if I dont get off while you are fucking me? Youve got hands, ya know. Quit sulking and prove to me that you can get me off.
Nino saw something spark in Juns eyes.

Jun reached out for Ninos dick with one hand and used the other to slide two fingers inside of Nino. He moved the fingers around until he found Ninos prostate. He fucked Ninos hole with his fingers roughly while stroking his dick at the same pace. As Ninos hole loosened, Jun pushed a third finger in.
Jun, harder!
What was that?
I said harder!
Jun smirked while slowly his movements.
Do what harder?
Fuck me harder, dammit!
Jun slightly increased his pace.
That wasnt very polite Kazu.
Nino groaned, bucking his hips forward.
Please fuck me harder! Please!
Jun increased his strength a bit more.
Im not completely convinced.
Dammit, Jun! Nino groaned.
Please fuck me harder please Jun PLEASE
Jun grinned, amused with the power he had as he slid his fingers out of Ninos hole. Nino didnt have much time to whine before Jun was pushing them back in, this time adding his fourth finger. Nino moaned as he felt himself stretch out even further. Jun continued fucking him hard, while Nino thrust his hips repeatedly, desperate for release. Eventually Nino was coming with a moan as he spilled on Juns hand, a moan far too loud for a hotel but Jun and Nino were too preoccupied to care.

After cleaning up, Jun and Nino were in bed, ready to sleep. Jun was pretty wiped from the concert and his and Ninos activities following it, but before he dozed off he heard Nino begin to mutter.
Who needs dicks anyway...
Jun chuckled and slipped into a deep sleep.


Jun and Nino took their sweet time getting out of bed the next morning. When they finally did leave their hotel room to get some food, they saw Sho coming back from the hotels free breakfast.

Mornin Sho.
Morning... Sho quickened his pace and avoided eye contact.
Nino burst out laughing.
Whats his deal? Oh... oh no...
Nino laughed harder.
Its not funny Nino!
Come on, it really is.
Its not just him! All of our staff are on this floor too! They probably all heard! Jun blushed a deep red.
Shos room shares a wall with ours. Hes probably the only one who heard.
Who was on the other side?
Oh shit.
Dont tell me it was...
They both ran when they heard loud giggles fast approaching behind them.

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