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No Place Like (Jun's) Home

Title: No Place Like (Jun's) Home
Pairing: Matsumiya
Rating: NC-17
Length: 1203 words
Genre: Smut
Summary: Nino is forced to stay at Jun's place and he comes up with a plan to entertain himself.
Happy slightly late birthday, Jun!

"Make yourself at home."

The heater broke in Nino's apartment on one of the coldest days of the year, so per Jun's demand, he stayed at Jun's place for one day. Nino immediately followed Juns instructions, stripping his pants off to get comfy and then playing some of Juns video games.

Jun rolled his eyes at the fact that Nino took his pants off. At least Nino still had underwear on—rainbow stripped underwear to be exact.


Nino spent a few hours playing games, but eventually he got bored. Most of Juns games were party games, since he had friends over so often. Nino sighed and turned the console off.

J, can I use your laptop?

Sure, Jun replied from the other room.

Nothing on Juns laptop was going to amuse him all that much, as there were no games there either. But he had a plan that would (hopefully) provide him with more entertainment than even his favorite games could.

After going into incognito mode on Juns web browser, (Nino wasnt enough of an asshole to leave this in Juns history, though it would be hilarious if someone stumbled upon it) and searched up the most hardcore gay bondage that he could handle in real life. While watching, he pulled his dick out of his underwear and began lazily stroking it. A couple of minutes later, Nino smirked as he heard Jun walking towards the living room.


Nino-WHAT THE FUCK!??! Jun shrieked.



You told me I could make myself at home, Nino deadpanned.

“’Make yourself at home does not mean watch porn and masturbate in my living room!

Well thats what Id do at home.

Jun groaned. He knew Nino was up to something, but he couldnt stop looking at the large cock in Ninos hand...

Like what you see?

Jun snapped out of his trance.

N-no, no I dont. Juns face reddened.


Jun was very tempted to push Nino down and ride his cock right now, but hed like to think he has some morals. Despite what some of the rumors say, Juns the type of guy that doesnt like to have sex with someone he isnt in a relationship with.

Come on, J, you know you want it.

Jun looked at Ninos erection one last time, and his asshole puckered.

Ah, fuck it.


Jun did exactly what his body told him to do. After closing the laptop and pushing it away, he climbed on top of Nino, and pulled Nino up for a rough kiss. Nino, pleased that his plan had been successful, was more than willing to kiss back. Once they broke apart, Nino tugged Juns shirt off, and in return, Jun pulled Ninos off as well.

After some more kissing and touching, Jun stood up.

Want to move this to the bedroom?

Not particularly, m too lazy.

Jun rolled his eyes.

Come on. Jun pulled Nino up and pulled him towards the bedroom. Upon reaching their destination, Nino flopped back down on the bed and tugged his underwear off. Jun grabbed a condom and lube, both in which he handed to Nino.

Hm? Nino was surprised that he was handed the items. His intention was to be fucked, and possibly tied up, by Jun.

After seeing that thing hard I couldnt resist, Jun said, answering Ninos unsaid question. Ill be sure to tie you up next time though.

Nino grinned. He opened the lube and poured some on his fingers.

Turn around.

Why cant you just reach around?

Thats not as fun.

Jun glared.

Come on, J.

Jun groaned and turned around so his ass was facing Nino. Nino gave it a squeeze with his dry hand before slipping one lubed finger inside Jun.

Nino slowly prepared Jun, watching closely as his hole expanded and contracted around his fingers.

Hurry it up!

Tsk. Let me enjoy the view, jeez.

Jun glared at Nino.

Fine, fine.

Nino quickly finished preparing Jun and pulled his fingers out. He rolled the condom on and lubed up as fast as possible, fumbling a bit as he saw the impatience in Juns eyes. Once Nino was ready, Jun, who was now facing Nino, slowly lowered himself onto Ninos hard cock.


Jun groaned at the intrusion. Nino was rather big. Though it hurt at first, after a minute Jun had realized that he felt pleasantly full. Nino was big, but not big enough to make frequent sex an issue. The perfect size.
Jun slowly lifted himself up and dropped back down, increasing his pace as he got more comfortable. Soon enough he found the right angle and began moaning as he fucked himself on Ninos dick.

Nino found himself ridiculously turned on by the image of Jun bouncing up and down on top of him, including the way his muscles flexed, and the way the sweat was pooling at his forehead, and all the sounds he was letting out. Not to mention Jun knew what he was doing, and that turned Nino on even more. Nino groaned as Jun would occasionally tighten his walls around him. Nino found himself approaching orgasm faster than usual.

Determined not to cum way before Jun, Nino wrapped his hand around Juns cock and stroked it roughly. The sudden contact caused Jun to tense up, tightening around Ninos dick once more. Nino let out a strangled cry as he came, filling the condom. A few strokes later Jun was coming as well, spilling on to Ninos chest.

After cleaning up, the two got redressed and went back to the living room.

Nino, that was great, and I want to do it again but how do I say this...

Nino chuckled.

You want to go out with me dont you?

Well... yeah. Jun wanted to keep having sex with Nino, but he didnt like having sex outside of an established relationship. But he wasnt sure that Nino would agree.

How could I reject Matsumoto Jun?

Jun grinned.

I most definitely will go out with you... as long as you tie me up as promised.

Well I can most definitely make that happen... Jun said, smirk forming on his face as he imagined what hed be doing to Nino pretty soon.


Jun never thought that hed be glad that Nino masturbated in his living room, but here he was, happy as could be in a new relationship.


Author's Note: There will be a sequel with bondage ;)

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Uwaahh so hot. Thanks for the fic and yay for the sequel!
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I can just imagine Jun's face when Nino took of his pants, let alone when he walked in on Nino masturbating.
Looking forward to the bondage.
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A sequel? Oh yes!

This part is already hot enough XD
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They are so random and casual and cute! Glad it worked out for the both of them :D
Thanks so much for sharing <3
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“’Make yourself at home’ does not mean watch porn and masturbate in my living room!”

“Well that’s what I’d do at home.”

This is soooo Nino! Hahahaha and imagining Jun's horrified look upon seeing Nino in such act makes me want to laugh like crazy! It's only Nino who can make Jun horrified, scandalized and excited all at the same time. It's also cute and erotic that even though Nino surely looked like he's in control, he kept on mentioning his wish to be tied up by Jun.. Hahhaahaha thanks dear! <3