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Title: Not Your Typical Host
Pairing: Junba
Rating: NC-17
Length: 6004 words
Genre: Smut with a bit of plot
Summary: Aiba Masaki is the son of the president of a large company, and has to keep his personal life a secret. To keep his desires hidden away, Aiba goes to an unusual type of host club, where he meets a host named Matsumoto Jun.
Warnings: AU where prostitution is legal in Japan. Lots of BDSM and kinks (bondage, spanking, orgasm denial, rimming, temperature play)
Note: Written for the Ohba and Junba Exchange.

Aiba Masaki was a bit nervous as he headed towards the club. It was broad daylight, so the business was closed and the LEDs were turned off, emphasizing the age of the building. The rundown appearance made the club seem abandoned and a bit scary during bright days. Well, as a matter of fact, this place would seem scary to most no matter when they happened to walk by. This place was no ordinary club, and no one would get to know that better than Aiba soon would.

The young man took a deep breath and stepped into the building. He quickly noticed that the inside of the building was gorgeous, remodeled with sparkling tile floors, and neatly painted walls. Despite the nature of the business here, Aiba found himself feeling welcome.
Oh, hello. Are you Aiba-san? An attractive man around the same age as Aiba got up from the reception desk.
Yes, that would be me.
Great! Allow me to lead you to my office.

The two men headed up to the third floor and entered said office.
Please have a seat. The man gestured towards the leather chair sitting opposite from the mahogany desk. Aiba slowly sat down, feeling his nerves reignite.
Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ninomiya Kazunari, owner of this establishment. Thank you for expressing interest in our services.
The man working at the reception desk is the owner? Was he waiting there just for me?
Nice to meet you, Im Aiba Masaki. Aiba bowed his head.
I assume you have your test results and your criminal record with you?
Um, yes, theyre right here.

Aiba watched as Ninomiya glanced over the papers handed to him, checking them over carefully. When he finished, he filed the papers away.
Please read the terms and sign the attached waiver.
There really werent many terms, just stating the customers rights and the laws about the industry.
Lastly, please fill this out according to your preferences. This will allow us to determine the best host for you.

Aiba slowly answered the questions. He was worried about how many people would be able to see this.It would be bad if the public found out that he was into this kind of thing. Hesitantly, Aiba handed the forms to the man across from him.

Thank you! You are all set to leave now. We will call you with more information soon.
Thank you. Aiba bowed, leaving the office.


The next few days seemed to go on forever. Aiba was filled with both excitement and nerves as he impatiently waited for the call from the host club. Would he like his host? Would he enjoy his time spent with him? Aiba was anxiously awaiting the day that he would find out.

New customer. He’s got money so Ill leave it to you three. The boss placed Aibas forms in front of his best and most expensive hosts, Matsumoto Jun, Ohno Satoshi, and Sakurai Sho. These talented men could adapt to most peoples desires, so anyone who could afford them was probably going to have them as their host.
Ah, hes pretty cute isn't he?
Ne~ hes so pretty!
Look, it seems like hes not quite sure what he wants. Sho looked at the preference forms. Maybe hes new to this stuff?
Yay! Fresh meat! Ohno bounced up and down in his chair.
Sorry, Satoshi, but hes a sub.
Dammit! I wanted him! Ohno could be dominant too, but since he was the best at submitting in the club, that was usually his job.
Guess its between me and you then. Sho grinned, looking at Jun.
Give me the details on this guy, boss.
His names Aiba Masaki. Hes the son of the president of a conglomerate business. He came here because he wanted to try some new things but couldnt, out of fear of getting caught.
Oooh, hes next in line? How scandalous. Sho grinned.
He isn't, actually. He doesn't want to follow in his fathers footsteps. He wanted to become a doctor, and had the brains and money to do so, but his father wouldnt let him, as he wanted his son to work for his company. He still refused, so his father is paying him to keep his mouth shut about not working for him. It would look bad if the presidents son didnt work for his business.
So hes paid to do nothing?
Yeah, pretty much.
Fucking rich people.
You make good money too, Jun.
Thats beside the point!
Then again, anyone who becomes rich off of selling their body isnt really rich. Everyone laughed.
Aiba seems very nice though, and pretty innocent too, as I know you like that.
Sho and Jun grinned.
So whos taking him?
Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!
The hosts looked down at their hands,
Haha! I get the fresh meat~ Jun stuck his tongue out at Sho.
Shit, why do you always get the good ones?


Aiba had just gotten home from a night drinking with his friends. He lay down in his bed, ready to crash for the night.
Nearly asleep, Aiba jumped when the phone started ringing.

Hi, this is Ninomiya Kazunari.
Oh, hi.
Weve determined your host. His name is Matsumoto Jun. Hes very experienced and talented, and I believe you will be glad to be in his care. His next available time slot is on Saturday from 10 PM to 11 PM. Will that work for you?
Um.., yes thats fine.
Great! Well see you then.

Aiba slowly placed his phone down and sank back in his chair. Was this really a good idea? What would happen if he got caught? His father would probably disown him and stop giving him money. Not that his father had any respect for him anyways. Oh well, it was too late to go back now. Worries clouding his mind, Aiba lay back down to sleep on it. Maybe hed feel better about it in the morning.


He hadnt felt better the next morning and he felt worse now. Saturday had finally arrived and his appointment was quickly approaching. The young man was in panic mode now, fretting over what outfit and fragrance he was going to wear, and brushing his teeth at least three times in the hour. When he was finally content with his appearance, he headed off to the club where he would meet his fate.

With one hand on the door to the club, Aiba stopped to take a deep breath. Once he composed himself, he pushed open the doors, stepping into the building once again.

Welcome! What is you name, sir? The receptionist desk was now occupied by a cute young man, Aiba noted.
Aiba Masaki.
The receptionist searched the name in the computer.
Oh, a new customer for Matsumoto-san? What a lucky guy you are. The receptionist grinned. Right this way, Aiba-san.

The man led Aiba over to a winding staircase leading to a private section of the second floor. At the top of the stairs the receptionist took a card out of his pocket and put it in front of the scanner on the wall. The door slid open and they entered a hallway containing three doors. Aiba was brought to a door labeled Matsumoto Jun. The receptionist opened the door and gestured for Aiba to enter.
Your host will be with you shortly.

The receptionist left, leaving Aiba alone. He glanced around, noting that the room looked fairly normal. The walls, floor and bed sheets were all white, making the room look very clean. There was a door that led to what he assumed was a closet, most likely containing the items the host used during his appointments. The only thing that looked out of place in a typical bedroom were the various metal hooks on the walls and ceiling near the bed.

Aiba wasnt quite sure what to do, so he sat down on the edge of the bed and waited for the host to arrive.

Thankfully, the host didnt take too long. Aiba jumped a bit as the door slowly opened, revealing the host he had been waiting for. The man was dressed in black jeans and a deep red V-neck shirt, with his hair a bit tousled, in an endearing way.
Hello, Im Matsumoto Jun, pleased to be working with you. The host bowed.
Well this wasnt going the way Aiba had expected. Then again, he wasnt really sure what he actually expected, though he certainly didnt think the host would formally introduce himself.
Uhh... Hi, Im Aiba Masaki.
Nice to meet you, Masaki." Already using my first name? Then again, considering the situation we are in... What do I call him? Matsumoto-san? Jun?

You can call me Jun. The host said, seeming to sense Aibas concern.
Oh... Okay... Jun. The host threw a smile at his customer as he stepped into the closet. Aiba tried to see what was in there, but the host nearly closed the door behind him.
So, is this your first time doing this type of thing? Your preference list wasnt very specific compared to what I usually see.
Aiba knew that the host did this for a living, but he still was surprised by how casually Jun could talk about such things.
Yeah, Ive never really done anything like this before.
Why did you decide to start now? Aiba heard some noises coming from the closet and he was seriously wondering what the hell the host was doing in there.
Ive become curious, I guess. I dont really know what I want anymore, so I decided to come here to try something new.
Well youve come to the right man. Jun emerged from the closet, with a black bag in his hand, grinning.

So is there anything in particular you want to try tonight? Since its your first time here I dont want to push you into doing anything.
Im not really sure... just nothing too ridiculous tonight. Ease me into this whole thing. Aiba wasnt all that certain why he had become so trusting of his host. Maybe it was the way that Jun seemed to legitimately care about whether Aiba was comfortable or not.
Alright, sounds good.
Aiba took a long look at the man in front of him. He was absolutely gorgeous, with his broad muscles, and strong features. Someone too handsome for himself, he decided.
Jun dimmed the lights a bit, and his eyes darkened as well.



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