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Juns sudden change in personality was a bit scary to Aiba, who had never been in this type of situation before.
Uh, okay.
Aiba removed his clothes as the host watched. The older man was usually comfortable with his body, but Juns stare made him feel self-conscious, and incredibly exposed.
Stop. The customer was left only in his underwear, feeling somewhat thankful that he wasnt completely naked yet.
Jun reached into his bag and pulled out a rope, skillfully tying Aibas wrists together and then hooking the rope to the wall behind the bed. The lights suddenly went off completely and the customer felt Juns breath near his ear. Aiba jumped as he felt fingers ghosting over his neck and chest, trailing down towards his nipples. Jun pinched the pink buds simultaneously, chuckling when Aiba yelped in pain. The hands traveled downward, reaching the edge of Aibas boxers. A few fingers lifted up the waistband, but then slipped back out. He gripped Aibas half-hard cock through the underwear.

It was then that the lights came back on, and Aiba watched as his boxers were removed by the host. Aiba cried out in embarrassment as Jun spread his legs wide open. He turned his head away and averted his glance, wishing he could use his hands to cover himself.
Keep your legs open like this. Aiba nodded.
Ah! Aiba yelled out when he felt a cold finger rub against his opening. He shivered and closed his legs a bit in surprise.
I said to keep your legs open, didnt I?
Yes, sorry.

Jun placed a firm slap on Aibas thigh.
AHH! Sorry, sorry!
Jun pushed two fingers into his customers hole, skillfully preparing the sub. He grazed over the customers prostate, careful not to pleasure the man too much.

Aiba began to rock his hips against Juns fingers, wanting more.
Desperate, are we? What do you want, Masaki?
I want to cum!
Ask politely, and maybe youll get what you want.
Please, let me cum!
Do you want my cock in your ass? Jun pressed hard against Aibas prostate.
Yes, please!
Do you want me to fuck you so hard that you cant walk for days?
Yes, oh fuck, please, Jun!

Aiba watched curiously as the host unzipped his pants, and pulled down his underwear, freeing his large dick. He rubbed a different type of lube on his member, and pressed it into Aiba.

Ahhh, shit! Aiba had expected the entry to be a bit cold, but Jun had changed it up and used warming lube. His cock was huge, making the customer feel like he was going to be torn in half.
Jun, fuck me! Please!

Jun slowly thrust into Aiba, careful not to hit the mans spot directly.
Please Jun, harder!

Aahhh fuck! Aibas prostate was being relentlessly hit, and he felt his release approaching.
Look at you, you whore, enjoying being fucked by my cock.
Aiba was on the edge of climax, his head thrown back and his eyes screwed shut, and head thrown back. He was about to go over the edge, when suddenly he didnt feel it anymore. He opened his eyes to see Juns hand wrapped around the base of his cock, preventing him from reaching orgasm.
Please, let me cu-um~! Aiba whined.

Youll get your turn. Jun continued fucking his customer until he climaxed. The host pulled out and zipped up his pants.
Eh? I want to cum too!
Jun freed Aibas arms.
Touch yourself.
You heard me. If you want to orgasm, masturbate for me.
A pause.
May I have the lube?
Oh, uh, sure. Jun was surprised at the request, but he still tossed it over to him.
Aiba coated three of his fingers with the substance and inserted them inside his entrance, roughly fucking himself. He stroked his hard member to the same pace with his other hand.

Jun was impressed. This guy was fucking hot.
Youre so hot when youre fucking yourself for me, you little slut.
AHH FUCK, Jun! A few more strokes and Aiba was coming all over himself, while Jun looked on, pleased with the embarrassed blush on Aiba's face.

The host grabbed a towel out of his bag and cleaned Aiba up.
Are your wrists okay? You arent hurt at all, are you?
No, Im fine.
Great. Here are your clothes. He handed the clothes to his customer.
Oh, thanks. Aiba quickly redressed himself.
Ill see you back here soon, right?
...Yeah. Ill be back. Aiba smiled.
Aiba froze for a second.
You know, youre scary.
Eh? You asked for it!
No, not that. Its scary how you switch from being nice to being a controlling dominant so quickly.
That comes with years and years of practice, hun. Jun smiled.


Jun, why are you pacing? Sho had just wrapped up with a client and exited his room.
I have a customer coming in five minutes and Im fucking tired.
Wait. Didn't you just have that Aiba guy? Wasnt he new to BDSM? Why are you

I may or may not have come.
You fucking idiot. Sho laughed.  It obviously wasnt good for male prostitutes to climax right before another appointment, as they would become tired and would not perform as well. Lucky you, I told you hed be a good one.
Yeah, I got a bit ahead of myself and decided that I wanted to deny him from climaxing, and instead came myself. Though that's not exactly the problem. Its more like I dont want to deal with the next customer, because he is a picky, boring pain in the ass.
Or is it because he cant compare to your Aiba?
No, you idiot!


The next session, was two weeks later, much to Aibas annoyance. Unfortunately, Jun was pretty popular, but he was very much worth the wait. Before he knew it, Aiba found himself walking into the club again.
Hello, Aiba-san. Right this way, please.
The customer was led back towards Juns room. However when he entered, Jun was already in the room.
Hey, Masaki.
Hi. Aiba still felt uncomfortable with the first-name basis they had. It made the prostitute seem closer to him than he really was.
He noticed that Jun seemed classier tonight. He was wearing a black dress shirt and a striped purple tie, as opposed to the more fashionably casual clothes he had been wearing before.
Todays session is going to be a bit more... involved than last time, do you think you can handle that?
Aiba nodded.
Use your words, darling.
Yes, I can handle it.
Good boy.



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