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After demanding that Aiba strip bare, Jun pulled four sets of handcuffs out of his bag, chaining Aibas arms and legs to the bed. He then removed his tie and wrapped it around the submissives head, blindfolding the man.

Aiba began to worry about what might come next, and even feared that Jun would just leave him there. He started tugging against the restraints, desperate to feel safe again.
Shhh. Its okay, Im right here. Im not going to leave you.
Juns voice was surprisingly calming, considering the situation.
Would you rather have me take the blindfold off?
Aiba took a few deep breaths
No, I think I'll get used to it.
Try not to tug on the cuffs so much. I wouldnt want you to hurt yourself.
Aiba heard a rustling noise. Jun must be going through his bag. I wonder whats in there this time? Hopefully nothing too scary...
The rustling stopped and Aiba felt a cold hand brush across his body, sending a shiver down his spine.
Then he felt something cold drop on his chest.
Jun~! Thats c-c-cold!

Ignoring the complaints, Jun moved the ice cube around Aibas chest over his perking nipples, and down his abs. The ice had mostly melted at that point, so Jun pushed it away. After rubbing his hands together to warm them, Jun stroked Aibas semi-erection to full hardness. He grabbed another ice cube, and ran it over his customers dick.
Sssshit! Ahhh! Aiba moaned in pain and pleasure as Jun ran the ice over his cock, occasionally stroking with his dry hand to provide some relief before running the ice cube over it again.

When that cube melted, Jun slipped two fingers in the customer, making quick work of preparing him. Jun grabbed another ice cube and slid it inside of Aibas tight hole.
Jun inserted his fingers again and firmly pressed the ice against Aibas prostate.
Aiba was shivering, teeth chattering from the cold. He could feel tears forming in his eyes, which thankfully Jun couldnt see due to the tie covering them.
The ice had nearly melted, and Jun withdrew his fingers. Aiba could feel the cold water rushing out of him once the digits were removed. He heard the host walking towards him, and he felt him untying the fabric in front of his eyes. As the blindfold was removed, Aiba blinked a few times to adjust to the light. When his vision came back into focus he saw Jun grab another ice cube from the bag. However, this one was pink.
Were the other ones that color?
No, those ones were actually ice. This is frozen strawberry lemonade.
Eh? Why lemonade?
Jun ignored him, and inserted the object inside of Aiba.
After a few seconds, Aiba saw Jun lower his head.
What are you doi- aaAAH!
Jun ran his tongue over the pink muscle, licking and sucking at the hole.
Aiba was cringing in embarrassment at the act, when the host slipped his tongue inside, lapping up the sweet strawberry lemonade.
Shit, Jun!
After cleaning out most of the lemonade, Jun removed his tongue, and got off the bed. He grabbed some mouthwash out of his bag and swished it around his mouth. The host then removed the handcuffs from Aibas ankles, and spit his mouthwash on the floor, surprising the customer.
Oh come on, theres been a lot worse things on that floor. Im not leaving you tied up here to go spit out my mouthwash. Aiba appreciated the consideration, as he probably wouldnt have thought that if he were Jun.

Jun decided to be nice and freed Aibas wrists too.
Since youve been good today, Ill give you a reward.

Aiba wondered what a reward was, seeing how he thought this whole arrangement with Jun was pretty rewarding.

The prostitute wrapped his lips around the head of Aibas cock, tongue tracing over the slit. He lapped up the pre-cum that had leaked out, running his tongue down the length of the member afterwards. Hollowing out his cheeks, the host slowly took the entire length down his throat. He increased his pace, letting Aibas large cock slam into the back of his throat. Jun paid particular attention to running his tongue over the vein, which caused Aiba to let out delicious moans.
Ahh, Jun, Im gonna come!
Jun smirked around the cock as he increased his pace more.

Aibas body twitched as he saw stars, his cum shooting down the back of Juns throat. As he came down from the high he collapsed on the bed, exhausted from the nights activities. Well, apparently a reward is the best blowjob Ive ever had. Definitely a nice reward.

Once again, Jun asked Aiba if he was okay and cleaned him off.
Ill come back soon~
Ill be waiting~ Jun smiled.


And come back he did. Aiba returned for at least two sessions a month for the next six months. After meeting with him so many times, Aiba wanted to know more about the prostitute.

After a particularly intense session, Aiba found himself lying down on the bed next to Jun.
You told me to lie down, but dont you have another customer coming?
Nope, you're my last tonight. I wouldnt have worn myself out this much if I had to take care of someone else afterwards.
Ne, Jun, why did you decide to become a sex worker?
Eh? You actually care to know?
Yeah, Im curious. You know a lot about me but I know nothing about you.
Well, it wasnt really a choice... Jun began, but he stopped himself. Are you sure you want to hear about my sad life?
Aiba nodded.

Fine. Jun took a deep breath. It all started when my asshole father caught me kissing my boyfriend when I was sixteen. He threatened to disown me if I didnt stop being gay I told him it wasnt a choice, but he didnt listen. He kicked me out of the house, leaving me with nothing. I had no choice but to drop out of school and find a job. I was living on the street, with nothing but the filthy clothes on my back, eating out of garbage bins for weeks. An illegal prostituting company found me on the street and offered me a job to work for them. Not having much of a choice, I decided to work for them, seeing as I had nothing to lose anyways. As far as illegal prostitution goes, I actually got pretty lucky. The company tried to enforce rules to keep us safe, unlike other illegal agencies that dont make an effort to protect their employees. Of course that didnt prevent some people from taking advantage of the fact that it was an illegal business and attempting to force me to do certain things. Thankfully, I managed to get away from those people for the most part, but it still made going to work every night an act of bravery. However, it paid for a meal or two a day and the rent in my shitty apartment, so it had to do. After a few more close calls with sexual assault, I realized that I needed to get out of that job as soon as possible. When I came of age I went looking for a legal prostituting job, knowing that it would be hard to find another job without a high-school education. When I discovered this place, I was a bit nervous – Are you alive?!

Aiba was so focused on what Jun was saying that he hadnt spoken the entire time.
Yeah, sorry, just listening.

Jun rolled his eyes.
Anyways, I was worried about working here since we specialize in BDSM, which I knew nothing about. However, Ohno and Sho, the other two employees on this floor, offered to help me learn the ropes – literally. Eventually we all became much more experienced, which is why we get our own section of the club.
Do you like being a prostitute? Or would you rather do something else?
Im starting to dislike it, unfortunately. Its not too bad, and can be rather fun sometimes, but it comes with its difficulties. Recently I find myself wanting to settle down with someone, but no one wants to date a prostitute. Not to mention the fact that its impossible to have sex outside of work when I have sex here multiple times a day. I do wish I could do something else, but I would need to go back to school for that. I do make a good amount of money here, but I dont have enough money to leave work to go back to school. So Im stuck being a prostitute for now.

I have money, and a huge house. If you wanted to go back to school or find another job, you could stay there if you wanted to.Aiba was surprised by the words that came out of his own mouth, but they were true. Though he didnt know Jun well, he would be more than willing to let him live in his house. He did have a mansion after all, so they wouldnt even have to cross paths if thats what they wanted. But Aiba knew that wasnt what he wanted. He was slowly falling in love with Jun. Aiba feared this would happen, and it was why he was hesitant about coming to this club.
Being in a romantic relationship with a prostitute was simply impossible.

Jun was shocked by the proposal. He had never received such kindness from anyone before.
Thanks for the offer, but Im fine with my current situation.
Okay, but dont feel bad about it if you want to stay at my house. Seriously, its so big I dont know what to do with all the space!
Jun smiled and nodded in return.
Alright, get out. I want to go home.
Do you want help with cleaning up?
No, you paid for this, you dont need to help me.
You sure?
Yes, go home you idiot!
Aiba laughed, and went home for the night, vowing to return soon.



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