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A few months and several sessions later, Aiba found himself opening the door to Juns room once again. He immediately noticed something was off with Jun. The host seemed a bit worried and uncomfortable.
Hey, Jun.
Oh! Hi, Masaki! Jun smiled brightly, the uncomfortable air around him seemingly disappearing.

Jun started tying ropes to various hooks on the floor.
Clothes off. Lets get started, shall we?
Aiba stripped down, and Jun promptly finished tying the ropes.
Hands and knees, on the bed, facing me. Aiba did exactly as told.
Jun used the ropes to tie Aibas wrists and ankles so that the older couldnt move.

Jun unzipped his pants, pulling his cock out. Aiba was his only customer today, and he was going to take full advantage of it.
Open wide~

Aiba opened his mouth to allow Juns cock to be shoved into it. The prostitute didnt hold back as he fucked the customers mouth. Aiba fought back the occasional urge to gag as the member hit the back his throat. After a while Jun removed his erection from Aiba and walked behind him, grabbing something out of his bag on the way. Aiba soon found out that the something was a vibrator, judging by the fact that Jun had shoved it in his ass, and it was, well, vibrating.

Jun put the vibrator on a low setting, just enough to tease Aiba. The host grabbed a bottle of wine and a glass out of his bag, filling the glass and then sipping on the wine as he watched Aibas reactions to the vibrations. Jun occasionally changed the setting of the vibrator, causing Aiba to twitch and cry out begging for more.
Eventually, Jun took his half-full glass of wine and placed it on Aibas back.
Keep the glass on your back. Don't let it fall.

Aiba nodded nervously. He tensed all of his muscles in an attempt to stay perfectly still. As Jun increased the level of the vibration, Aiba struggled to stay still, the contents of the glass sloshing around with his movements. When Jun changed the toys setting to maximum, Aiba jerked his body forward, causing the wine glass to tumble and fall over, spilling wine all over himself and the bed. The customer winced, fearing what would come next.
The vibration suddenly stopped, and Jun removed the toy from Aiba.
I told you not to let the glass fall, didnt I?
Yes, you did.
Did you obey that instruction?
No, I did not.
Do you have anything to say about it?
I am incredibly sorry. I will work hard to accommodate your requests in the future.
This, as you should know, deserves a punishment.
Yes, it does.
Jun picked up a paddle from his bag.
Count to ten.
Jun slapped Aibas ass roughly with the paddle.
Another slap.
Aiba kept on counting with each slap.
Ahh fuck! Uh, ten!

Jun looked down and admired the large red mark on Aibas ass cheek. Thatll leave a pretty bruise.
You took your punishment well, so Ill forgive you.

Jun lubed up his cock and inserted it into Aibas gaping hole. Both of them were close, so the host thrust into the other man quickly. It didnt take long before they were coming simultaneously, relief washing over them.
Jun got up quickly and untied Aiba from the restraints holding him. The host cleaned the two of them up before lying down next to Aiba on the bed.

Im quitting this job.
Eh? Youre going to stop being a prostitute?
Yep. You are my last customer ever.
What are you going to do then?Aiba couldn't help but feel sad that he would no longer have sessions with Jun.
Well, I was thinking... Jun turned to Aiba and smiled. That Id take you up on your offer of staying at your house. If thats okay.Aibas eyes widened.
Jun nodded.
Of course you can stay at my house!
Thank you, Masaki.
Jun leaned forward and pressed his lips to Aibas, the first kiss the former prostitute had in years.

Aiba froze, paralyzed by the sudden action. Though he and Jun had sex many times, they had never kissed. In that moment, Aiba realized how much a kiss could really mean. He grabbed Jun and pulled him in for another, their lips lingering for longer this time.
Aiba sat up and grabbed Juns hand.
Well, lets go home then, shall we?

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Date: 2015-12-16 09:58 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] khaulabear.livejournal.com
everything was so hot here from the first part till the end :)

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Thank you!)) It was sweet!)


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