baby steps III

Oct. 22nd, 2017 04:47 pm
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Instead of make questions that I thought were silly around the FanDom, I rather stay quiet, observing and .... researching.

But, research did not help me much with a delightful topic: Pairing.

All the time that I was looking for Arashi, most of time, or I was directed to something on Tumblr or to LJ.

On Tumblr I discovered Gifs (Gosh!! Where was I from? Jupiter?!! Geez!!) that I loved, and marvelous images. On LJ...... FanFics.... mostly......

We are always learning something new, I always say!

In 2013 I opened an account on Tumblr and one on LJ!

I loved Tumblr (still love it, ardently)!!! So much info about our boys! Lots of images and.... I was understanding nothing about OhMiya, SakurAiba, Ten'nen.....

In my momentary stupidity, I thought that Pairing was about the pair that you liked the most. Your favorite ones. Just that. So, when asked about it, I thought about my Ichiban and my Niban: MatsuMiya!

And so, I searched about.... MatsuMiya... and I discovered something called: Shipping ♡ ♡

Let the "FanFics' devouring" time begging!

Targeting for MatsuMiyas, I found some pretty good stuffs, frequently bumping into OhMiyas. Those one creepy-ed me out, so I avoided them.

It was kind of difficult to find plenty of MatsuMiyas, though... I started to think that it was difficult to “pair” Nino. With Aiba or Sho, no way!! One was his BFF and the other was his Aniki! So, I relied on Jun!

Occasionally, I would drifted to SakurAibas, but I felt guilty... BUT... there were so much skinship between these two dorks on TV and live tours, that I surrendered! And then SakurAiba entered my list of "ships"! Although, I "did them" discretely, because I sincerely thought that one should be faithful to one ship only!!

(In off: I tried one or two JunBas... didn’t work at all. I also tried Yama. Nothing! OhBas... some was cute, but didn’t stick.).

So, life in FanDom was going great and then, another Pairing started to poke my heart: the sweet JunToshi. This is one thing that I don't know how to explain... the passion! The way Jun and Ohno look at each other, the kind of serious skinship they have, the age and height difference.... Gosh!!! They look like sweethearts on their honeymoon trip on the magazine issues!!! And this ship I was not bothering to have!!! I think that Jun touches Ohno more than he touches Nino!!!

But my heart did not stop there! In the beginning of this year I had a nice overdose of SakuMoto (with to great chaptered fics!!!) and they took SakurAiba down!!! O.O I started to get reaaally curious about the way Jun and Sho just don’t delivered FanService!!! Why, why, why?!! This is so effing suspicious!!! Specially inside a group like Arashi that, apparently, doesn't acknowledge the existence of self-space!!!

Also, I started to be more tolerant with OhMiya (since Ohno was powerful/dangerous/strong in the fics). After all, OhMiya is an institution!

But I think the real reason for that was a wonderful discover I made!!!!! I finally found MY IDEAL PAIRING!!!! After 4 years reading FanFics I have a Pairing!!!!

Are you ready?!


That’s my OTP!!!!

And I am so happy with that!!!! Ohno has to get with the babies!!!


baby steps II

Oct. 22nd, 2017 03:01 am
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Until today I don't understand why I fell so hard for Arashi! I mean, I was a girl crazy for Hollywood movies! I didn't lose one release at movie theaters!!! My favorite movies were from Golden Era (40's to 60's) and horror movies! I loved to dance American music!!! House Dance, Rhythm and Blues, Pop, Rock!

As I said, I had no relation with Japan.

Now, so many of my preferences revolve around Arashi. I lost track of Hollywood movies. The track list on my smartphone and notebook? J-Pop! And you don't hear that nowhere around here! Family parties, wedding parties, pool parties, pubs, radio stations....

J-movies on movie theaters here? In your dreams!!! (although seems that 君の名は is going to be airing here....). It is so frustrating! There are so many amazing movies, dramas that the whole world should watch to!!!

I fell for Arashi, but I confess now that my attention was fractional.

First, it was Jun! His looks, his energy, his attitude!!! I didn't imagine someone like him could exist!!!

Then, my Ichiban, Neen ♥ The cutest kitten!!!

For a long time my attention was only for these two!!! I only looked for them!!!

A bit after, Sho's lips got my attention. To me, Sho was manly, intelligent, from a imposing family, good-two-shoes and angry LOL I loved him and feared him at the same time! Still do!!!

The friendship between Nino and Aiba and the shameless skinship between Sho and Aiba, made me have a bit of interest over the Miracle Boy. From time to time, the interest grows or weakens. It depends on what he is doing. But yes, he is beautiful, has
an incredible smile and I believe that he is not the fool some people believe!

About Rīdā.... Oddly, he was the last to get my attention, and when he got it, I fell head over feet for him!!! Now I know that what kept me away from him was jealousy!!! I was jealous of all the intimacy he had with my Ichiban... I know... I am stupid!!!! I wanted to be on his place...

But, when I started noticing him near Jun (live tours and magazine issues)... I liked it. I think that I started to really see and love our Rīdā last year, watching to SekaMuzu! That was the last bastion to fall and I was his! And it was so smashing that also started to luuuv "blond" Rīdā!!!

Since I started to be an Arashi fan, no other Johnny's talent got so deep into my heart like Arashi.

For all these almost five years my only interest has been Arashi.

But because of them, every time I saw another Idol or celebrity loving Arashi, I automatically wanted to know who they were! Aside from Ikuta Toma, that was my first Johnny's and is a loved one, I got to know a little about TOKIO, V6, Hey! Say! Jump!, Sexy Zone and Higashiyama Noriyuki. And I like the little I know!

I have some points of personal shame, though.... I couldn't be able to like SMAP and Takeuchi Yuko.....

And I feel bad about it. Because SMAP is a Senpai to be respected. I listened to very few SMAP songs trying to find a spark... Nothing. I tried to fall for KimuTaku watching to Asunaro Hakusho and to I'm Home... Nothing. I have a list of dramas to watch to... I need to like at least him, since Nino admires his acting skills and they will work together!!!!

Takeuchi Yuko. Nino has a crush on her. This is tough. I thought that through "Natsu no Koi" would be easy since Jun is the King of Romance and he is so delicious with older women.... but, no!!! Nothing!!! I was shocked!!! I did not feel any chemistry between them!!! I couldn't even finish to watch the drama!!! 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。 And Jun was soooo hoooot with that hair, and that waist, and with that cute little girl!!!

When I listen to Love Rainbow I think of Jun and Ohno cuddling on that sofa ♥ ♥

Arashi is my North. They give me inspiration and pleasure!

Sometimes, surfing through posts on LJ, I see people saying "I am a Kanjani 8's fan, but now I am an Arashi fan", or "I am an Arashi and Kiss My Foot's fan" , or even "I've got distanced from Arashi", and I try to imagine me on this situation. Or other times, I see a nice old comment and I look for the fan's blog and see that the person's blog has no updates since 2009, 2010, and I wonder if this will happen to me....

I love Arashi so much!!! I don't want to stop!!!!
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Welcome to the first day of my sembreak. And yup. This crab still needs to attend school for the rest of its semestral break. Still got a thesis defense to do tomorrow, so ganbatte! ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚

Anyhoo! Just dropped by to greet my fave rapper + newscaster...


Gosh! Time sure flies fast! Enjoy your special anniversary, Candle Sho! Continue to slay me with your rapping skills and satisfy my intellectual cravings with your information-sharing personality! And learn how to rest! Excited for your dorama, by the way :DD.


Anyhoo, Kono mama motto~


By the way, minna. Have you already listened to Arashi's 「untitled」? What can you say about it?! For me, it's so AWESOME! I LOVE ALL THE TRACKS! AND THE UNIT SONGS JUST SLAYED ME! 

As for the PV... I love the matured setting and stuffs.. Especially the one with the female dancer. It's just so sexy and romantic! *thinks a fanfic* But I hoped for a more exciting concept. Nevertheless, I love it (灬♥ω♥灬).

Jaa! Enjoy! Let's wait for Doors ~Yuuki no Kiseki~!!!

Advent calendar drabble request post

Oct. 22nd, 2017 09:04 am
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Hello everyone <3

It's already getting darker outside and the cold season comes up again (At least where I live *lol*) So it's close to Christmas again (Let's say close....) Close enough to start my annual advent calendar drabble request post again. (Since I need some weeks to write every drabble request, I want to open the post now ;) ) 

So, what is an advent calendar?
Before Christmas the children get an calendar to make time till Christmas Eve a little easier. Mostly the calendars are filled with chocolate, but also tea, beauty products or just pictures. The calendar starts on the 1st of December and go till the 24th of Decemeber.
And I want to make the time till Christmas a little nicer with some nice drabbles ;)

What you can request:
- Everything except juniors or het pairings. I can make some drama requests, but please ask, because I only write doramas I know :) 
- Every rating is okay
- Give me a pairing and a short prompt, but remember that this is a drabble - so don't give me too much prompt input. ;)

I only take 24 requests, first come first get ;)

- Little_Kirin - Matsumiya
- learashi - Sakumoto
- rollingday_s - Sakuraiba
- Akhikaru - Aimiya
- lilly0 - Juntoshi

Blood. Lust. (4/6)

Oct. 20th, 2017 06:17 pm
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Pairing: Sakumoto

Genre: Vampire AU, fantasy, drama

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: I do not own any part of Arashi or its members – this is a work of fiction.

Summary:Jun is the youngest son of a Royal House of vampires. Sho is only son of a rival Royal House. In order to maintain a peaceful status quo the Vampire Council decrees that the Royal Houses mate their sons with each other. After a humiliating incident in the past Jun wants nothing more than to stay as far away from Sho as possible and is determined to deny the match. Will Sho be able to win Jun’s love and more importantly does he even want to?

Previously: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3,

Read more... )
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I listened "Song for you" more than 6 times (an hour past without knowing) and I think I'm in love with this song. I really hope Arashi sing it in musical performance in the concert, cause I believe it will be great. <3

After I read the lyric, I got some ideas about the story of the of the musical in my mind.
Click this for Arashi - Song For You Lyric (Kanji/Romanji/Translate)

Stage : In the middle of the stage is small peacefull town(with many many stall shop), a harbour in the right side, and a road from forest in the left.

Ohno : Normal people from this town. He use normal town clothes
Aiba & Nino : adventurer friends who searching a town that they can life in. They use pirates clothes.
Jun & Sho : travelers from another town which searching a new life in other town. They use traveler clothes and using backpacks when they come out from backstage.

[00:00]When the song start, the curtain up, showing a peacefull town, backdancers act like people of town, doing their activity.
[00:50]Ohno come out, greet the people.
[01:10]Ohno start singing.
[01:45]Ohno dance (with backdancer), to show the happiness and how peacefull the town.

[02:20]Nino and aiba come out from the ship in the harbour.
[02:30]Aiba & Nino sing like talking to each other about their joirney story while walking to the town.
[03:17]Then they talking with the people in the town (buying something). (backdancer dance in the front)

[03:30]Sho and Jun come from forest.
[04:05]They singing as talking to each other how great their adventure.
[04:40]Then they start thinking how great this town, that they can live in this town. this is the town they searching for.
[05:12]Then they running from shop to shop, and their eyes smile as they find what they need in this town. (backdancer dance in the front)

[05:31]Ohno come to the front and start singing, then
[05:38]Nino also singing and go to the front with aiba.
[05:42]Sho & jun also joining to the front and sing.
[06:00]They singing and dance together with happiness. how great this town is.
[06:30]They dance with backdancer
[07:40]Backdancer dissapear

[07:56]Jun singing with sho as they relieved that finally they find this town, and think of their hardship before.
[08:20]Aiba & nino also sing as they also remembered the hardship they have until now.
[08:38]Onho sing as ohno make them (nino, aiba, jun, sho) relieved finally they reach here.

[08:44]They sing as thankful that they finally can stand in this town.
[09:38]Look at audience with smile

[09:53]Then they singing together with relieved face, as they can start they live better from now on in this town, as their hardship was paid off.
[10:10]they sing as thank the audience.
[10:50]They still stand up and give the audience relieved smile.
[11:10]They bowing to audience (like the musical ended).
[11:29]The curtain down (the story end)

Ah mind, I really hope arashi make this musical.... <3
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Song for you
Composer:Simon Janlov・wonder note・Kevin Charge・Erik Lidbom・SHIROSE・山下康介

Note: I just got the kanji lyric, The romanji and translate are from google translate with some correction. I please tell me if make wrong romanji/translation. :)


ありがとう 君といた すべての奇蹟に
同じ景色を 同じ想いを 抱きながら歩いてきた
いつの日も 僕ららしく Get Started
聞き慣れないネーミング 突然乗り込んだCruiser

まるでミステリー 展開の読めない期待とスリル
降りそそぐSunshine 眩しすぎるIsland
大海原を進め Just gotta do it

何はなくとも 僕らの前にはLove & Music

Shake it up 騒ぐハートが 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Nip and tuck
高鳴るBloom of youth 誰にも止められない! ない!
彼方に煌めくSpotlight 憧れていた場所へ
覚悟はできてるぜ Dead or Alive



感じるべくして感じた Wonders!
まだまだ物語の途中さ Yes

響きわたれ高く 遥か高く
繋いでゆこうよ 信じるままに

そして、もう一度 降り立ったこの楽園(しま)で
思い出したよ 僕らに刻まれた
ただひとつ変わらない 大事な合言葉

忘れない いつも 'You are my soul'
届けたい ずっと 'You are my soul'

For your happiness どんな試練も
きっと一緒なら挑めるはず Ready go

感じるべくして感じた Wonders!
まだまだ物語の途中さ Yes

響きわたれ高く 遥か高く
繋いでゆこうよ 最高のFinale

振り返れば くねりながら 遠く続く足跡
途切れずに 誰も離れずに

目を閉じればそこに 聴こえてくる やわらかなYell
果てない願いを カナシミをつつみ込んで

どこまでも どこまでも 旅は続いてく
大海原に Ah描いた夢を 君に見せるその瞬間(とき)まで
これからも 僕ららしく 笑って

離れていようとも 変わらないヒカリが
夜空を超えて 時空を超えて

This song for you

ありがとう 君といた すべての奇蹟に
同じ景色を 同じ想いを 抱きながら歩いてゆこう
いつの日も 僕ららしく be with you

新しいNovelの 真っ白なページに
どんな希望を どんな自由を
Ah 限りない時間(とき)の向こうへ
連れてゆくよ This song for you


Arigatō kimi toita  subete no kiseki ni
Onaji keshiki o onaji omoi o
Dakinagara aruite kita
Itsu no hi mo bokura rashiku
Get Started

Kiki narenai nēmingu totsuzen  norikonda cruizer
Marude misuterī tenkai no yomenai kitai to suriru  
furisosogu sunshine mabushi sugiru Island
Ounabara o susume Just gotta  do it

nani wa nakutomo bokura no mae ni wa Love & Music
kimi to yume  o nosete

Shake it up sawagu hāto ga 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Nip ando tuck  
takanaru Bloom of youth darenimo tomerarenai! Nai!
Kanata ni kirameku  Spotlight akogarete ita basho e
kakugo wa deki teru ze Dead or Alive
hanashi wa korekara

we contiue to dance
we contiue to sing

miageru musū no barūn ga
tokai no yozora o  kakete yuku
afureru nanairo no namida de
ashita o ume tsukusu yō ni  

atarashī pēji o aite yukou
ugokidashita yume no, motto motto saki e to  

deaubeku shite deai
kanjirubeku shite kanjita Wonders!
Madamada  monogatari no tochū sa Yes

kimi to hanatsu Melody
hibikiwatare takaku  haruka takaku
kasoku suru mirai e
tsunaide yukou yo shinjiru mama ni  

soshite, mōichido oritatta kono shima de
omoidashita yo bokura  ni kizama reta
tada hitotsu kawaranai daijina ai kotoba

wasurenai itsumo 'You are my soul'
todoketai zutto' You are my soul'

For your happiness donna shiren mo
omowanu mukaikaze no  naka mo
kitto isshonara nozomeru hazu ready go

deaubeku shite deai  
kanjirubeku shite kanjita Wonders!
Madamada monogatari no tochū sa Yes

kimi to hanatsu Melody
hibikiwatare takaku haruka takaku
kasoku suru  mirai e
tsunaide yukou yo saikō no Final

Furikaereba kunerinagara tōku  tsudzuku ashiato
togirezu ni dare mo hanarezu ni
kyōmade bokura ga  tadotta kisetsu

me o tojireba soko ni kikoete kuru yawaraka na Yell
hatenai negai o kanashimi o tsutsumi konde
yasashiku senaka o osu

doko  made mo doko made mo tabi wa tsudzuite ku
O unabara ni Ah kaita yume o  kimi ni miseru
sono toki made korekara mo bokurarashiku  waratte

hanarete iyoutomo kawaranai Hikari ga
yozora o koete jikū o  koete
furueru kokoro o musunde iru

This song for you

Arigatō kimi toita  subete no kiseki ni
onaji keshiki o onaji omoi o dakinagara aruite yukou  
itsu no hi mo bokurarashiku Be with you

atarashī Novel no masshirona  pēji ni
don'na kibō o don'na jiyū o
bokura wa kakishirushite yuku nodarou  
Ah kagirinai Toki no mukō e
tsurete yuku yo this song for you


Thank you for all miracles with you
I walked while holding the same feelings with the same scenery
Get Started for us someday as us

Unfamiliar naming suddenly boarded Cruiser
It's as if you could not read the mystery
Descending Sunshine Dazzling Island
Just gotta do it

Anything in front of us is Love & Music
Take a dream with you

Shake it up noisy heart 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Nip and tuck
Bloom of youth I can not stop it! No!
Spotlight sparkling beyond Where I was longing
I am prepared for it Dead or Alive
The story is coming now

Numerous balloons looking up
I will go to the urban night sky
With the overflowing seven colors tears
To fill up tomorrow

Let's open a new page
Dream of a moving dream, go ahead
Encounter to meet you
I felt like I felt Wonders!
Story of the story is still yes Yes

Melody to release with you
Reverberation high and far expensive
To the future to accelerate
Let's connect and let's believe

And in this paradise that I got off again
I remembered that we were engraved
The only important word that remains unchanged

I will never forget 'You are my soul'
I want to deliver forever 'You are my soul'
For your happiness
Inside the unexpected head wind
I'm sure we will challenge together Ready go

Encounter to meet you
I felt like I felt Wonders!
Story of the story is still yes Yes

Melody to release with you
Reverberation high and far expensive
To the future to accelerate
Let's connect and be the best Finale

Footprints that continue distant while turning around
Without leaving anyone without interruption
The season we followed

If you close your eyes there will be a soft Yell to hear there
Incorporating wishes that can not be wrapped with kindness
Gently press the back

The journey continues wherever and wherever
Until that moment when that shows you the dreams that Ah drawn in the ocean
From now on laughing like us

Light that does not change even if you are away
Beyond the night sky and beyond the spacetime
I have trembling hearts

This song for you

Thank you for all miracles with you
Let's walk with embracing the same view the same view
We always have us as a day

On the new white page of the Novel
What hope and what freedom
We will write down
Ah beyond the limitless time
I will take you this song for you


Oct. 18th, 2017 03:34 pm
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I'm Jm. I breathe since 1995, an Arashi fan since 2010. I use the same username at Twitter (believe me when I say that I rant a lot there) and @keioboy0507 at LiveJournal. The reason for the sudden move? I learned that many are transferring to DreamWidth and I guess, it's worth the try, too.

I was on hiatus (with Arashi stuff) for the past few years and now I am again on hiatus -- this time, with adulting. Taking my time off with adult stuff (working and taking masters degree simultaneously may have drained me) and now, enjoying my life.

I hope I could update this account frequently. But yeah, I am still on the process of figuring things out.

So, there.

Mikan PV Impression

Oct. 18th, 2017 08:54 am
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I need more nino....

This is what I get from the PV:
40% sakurai >> Rapping
25% jun >> Curtain
20% ohno >> Solo & adlib
10% aiba
5% nino

And nino didnt move much, he try to be cool, but it not trough to my heart.
I think I know why there is no short version everywhere. lol

But I least I'm happy to get the album. <3

baby steps I

Oct. 17th, 2017 04:14 pm
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One of the first things that I saw people around the Fandom talking about was about 'bias' and 'Ichiban'.

I did a little research on the theme, but could not decide. Although Jun was glorious in every sense, I was feeling my heart still... open.

Actually, in the beginning, I was so crazy running through several subjects at the same time about Arashi, that I just couldn't focus!

So! Was I, in early 2013, happy like a 'Baiano no carnaval', jumping from one old Arashi program to another old PV and back to an old drama, when I saw something....

I saw a comment about a member, Nino, in pain, during live performances of Face Down in May 2012. Seems that he had hurt himself during the filming of Purachina Dēta and the fans was remembering the occurrences of these situations in the past....


I felt a pang in my heart. And I felt the lil ol' curiosity (that actually, NEVER leave me)!! I thought that Arashi was strong and unbeatable!

Well... researching about Ninomiya Kazunari ended up with me reaching a conclusion. He was my Ichiban <3

His talents, his smartness, his brat-ness, his beauty, his bravery, his cuteness.

The more I saw about him, the more grew in me the desire to put him inside my pocket and keep him forever!!!

I hunted down his dramas and movies. I went crazy with Himitsu!!!

My little fairy is so adorable and I forgive everything to this eternal teen!!! He never ceases to shock me LOL

So, just like that, I was able to reach to an agreement: Neen, my Ichiban. Jun, my Prince, put as my Niban. And Sho is my Ikemen! (seriously, to me Sho is so manly and I fear him and melt for him at the same time!!! Smart guys do that to me ;^b). At that time, I hadn't formed opinion on Rīdā and Aiba yet.

Arashi is still strong and unbeatable to me because they are Human, like me, and they do their best everyday, like I try to do!!!

and in the beginning....

Oct. 17th, 2017 03:15 pm
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So..... Dreamwidth....

I think that is time to make a little home here too, since my favorite writers and Senpais are walking around here.

Well. You know I am an Arashi fan. Yes. Also, that Nino is my ultimate Ichiban. Let's then talk about how it started.

I am Brazilian, living in a small town in the State of São Paulo. I have postgraduate degree in management and work with import representation in a family engineering company.

I live with my family and I have a cat that I love with all my heart.

I've never had further information about Japan, besides the basics: raw fish, Kanji, amazing temples and martial arts. Have never ever heard about Idols before.

BUT!!! I like comic books and cartoons!!!

Here in Brazil, I had watched to Princess Knight, Sailor Moon, The Prince of Tennis, Evangelion, without really associate them to Japan, since they were dubbed in Portuguese.

So one day, in December of 2012, I was on line looking for these kind of "cartoons".

I found the anime Bokura ga Ita. I watched it and I found it simply beautiful!!!!! And of course, I needed more!


I discovered that there was a " Live Action " of it..... Whaaaatt??!!! Japanese people turned cartoon into movies that were not superheros characters???!!!

I watched the two-parts live action of Bokura ga Ita..... with Ikuta Toma...... OH-MY-GOD!!!! I wanted him for me!!!! Who was he?!! More!!! HanaKimi!!!! O.O More!!!!!!! Johnny's?? What's that?!!!

Hana Yori Dango......... (✰ᆺ✰ )

Doumyōji....... Jun..... Jun..... JUN!!!!!! I wished to born again in Japan and marry him!!!

And then..... Arashi~~ During Popcorn Live Tour..... What-was-that?? Who were that boys?!!!!

In a few days I was drowning in rainbows!!!! Baby steps in all directions!!! So much to see, to understand, to learn!!! And I still feel like this.... learning, discovering, living!

Ikuta Toma always will have a special spot in my heart.

I am a proud Jun-baited.

I love Arashi <3
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After I listen some part of their song, this is my impression of their unit song.

UB - Nino & Aiba
Calming song, I love this type of song, nino voice really won this time, and aiba voice really friendly here and there. I love to play it every morning to make day brighter. I hope Nino also have duet song like this with ohchan, I think it will be more magestic. (gomen my ohmiya lover comeout)

Yoru no kage - Nino & Ohno & Jun
SEXY.... that is the first word that I say when I hear this song. And I really love that the song started with nino voice, really make my heart melt. I love this triple. their voice help each other became richer. This song really make me wanna watch their sexy performance, their killer eyes and their sexy moves. Kyaaa.... I cant wait their sing it in the concert.

Comeback - Jun & Sho
The song come out like what I think. Rap and night song. I just think of night club of this song. Dont impress me much, as I ever watch their duet on arafest when jun DJ-ing and Sho Rapping.

Bazuri night  - Sho & Aiba & Ohno
Game center song. lol. Really they just wanna have fun with this song. Make me remember of Ohmiya SK song, just have fun here and there. I love ohchan voice, but I think I can get it here, he just have fun with sakuraiba. But I think this will be great song on the concert.

And for the other song (sugar, green light, kanpai song):
All of it is active song, I'll play it if my mood is good. It will be fun on the concert. but honestly I want more ballad song.
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In amidst of my projects + upcoming thesis defense + FS compilation + lesson plan...


Omedetou, Sammy! So happy that you've reached this far! Thank you for the love and care that you gave to your family, friends, group and to your fans... Your undying loyalty and unshakable leadership... Those qualities of yours are just so admirable! Aishiteru!!!

Omedetou, Ohno-papa! Make me proud! Cause you're a bad boy~


Jaa! Enjoy! Still need to finish a lot of stuffs... Sembreak, doko ni? x'DD

Blood. Lust. (3/6)

Oct. 13th, 2017 08:13 pm
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Pairing: Sakumoto

Genre: Vampire AU, fantasy, drama, romance

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: I do not own any part of Arashi or its members – this is a work of fiction.

Summary: Jun is the youngest son of a Royal House of vampires. Sho is only son of a rival Royal House. In order to maintain a peaceful status quo the Vampire Council decrees that the Royal Houses mate their sons with each other. After a humiliating incident in the past Jun wants nothing more than to stay as far away from Sho as possible and is determined to deny the match. Will Sho be able to win Jun’s love and more importantly does he even want to?

Previously: Chapter 1, Chapter 2

Read more... )

Don't be troubled by Complexity

Oct. 12th, 2017 11:17 am
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"There are some people who want to have more handsome face or want to have taller body. I don’t need them at all, because I don’t need neither of them to live, they are not the absolute condition to live a happy life, aren’t they? On the contrary, it’s how to live with the complexity. But I think our surrounding environment set too high standard for us, that is why everyone is too hard on themselves. Regardless that my physical strength below average, as long as I can work with healthy body, I think it’s enough. If we can think that lightly, there’s no way for us to feel trouble by the complexity."

- Ninomiya Kazunari -

IT Magazine 107 Edition


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