Apr. 9th, 2017 03:12 pm
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The move to Dreamwidth is complete! Unfortunately I've deleted the LJ comm, but everything has imported properly, so I think we'll do just fine here!

You may have noticed six fics not written by me added. (What????)

That's right,[personal profile] sakuraisumbrella (she wrote as lovelybutter on LJ) is posting her fics here from now on too! The more the merrier, right?

Please keep us in your favor! :D

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Time for something fun! I'm working on a Matsumiya fic right now, but it won't be done for a while. So, I looked through my past works and found quotes, took them out of context, and randomized the order of them (yes, truly randomized, despite some odd coincidences...). Here are the results. (Warning: Some of these are a bit R-ish)
Why did I think this was a good idea... )
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The Vampire on Cherry Street was just the beginning of the spooky fics this Halloween season! Now it's your turn to decide on a prompt!

Submit your requests over at the request post before October 8th!

Happy Halloween month, everyone! :D
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I'm sure some of you guys use Tumblr, right?

Well if you do, I made a new Arashi Confession blog, because none have been active lately!

You can find it here: http://confessingaboutarashi.tumblr.com

Please do submit some confessions! Please? X'D

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I've realized that nearly all of my fics are NC-17 (I'm a hopeless perv) but that makes it really inconvenient when I want people I know in real life to read what I've written. (Hence the post about me destroying my laptop when my girlfriend said she wanted to read my fics)

So, anyone got anything innocent they want me to write? No?
Gdi you're probably all as perverted as me

But seriously, some prompts would be good. ]

Edit: Thanks for the prompts guys! I'll take them into consideration. X'D

Uh Oh…

May. 27th, 2016 04:40 pm
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Me: *Casually mentions that I write fanfics to my girlfriend.*
Gf: I wanna read them!
Me *Deletes my LJ Comm, deletes the fics saved on my laptop, defenestrates my laptop, burns my laptop, launches myself into the sun*

In all seriousness, there is no way in hell my girlfriend is reading my fics. I might scar her for life. X'D

I'm writing a fic for an exchange now, so forgive me if I don't post here for a little bit.
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Four of my fics were nominated in the Pairings Category at the Arashi Fanfictions Awards.

Pathetic, The Best Halloween Treat, Love Bite, and In Which Matsumiya Had Sex were all nominated!

Thank you so much to whoever nominated my fics! I'll continue to work hard from here on out!


Dec. 15th, 2015 07:34 pm
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LJ keeps telling me that a post I'm trying to make is too large, even though the EXACT SAME post has already been made on another journal. I tried deleting half of the post and splitting it into two parts, but it still said it was too large.

Sorry, but I obviously can't post the fic until I figure out what the problem is. *Sighs*

Edit: The only solution right now is to post it in a bunch of tiny parts. Sorry for spamming your feed! 
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Hey all!

So first things first, I don't actually have writer's block. At least not really. I am doing a fic for an exchange which is going really well, but that fic won't be posted for a while. And I have no ideas of what else to write XD

As a result, I decided to start adding themes to the request post! Every month there will be a new theme for requests to get people more interested in requesting. You can always request whatever you want though, despite what that theme may be.

Happy Requesting! (Hopefully...) 


Sep. 26th, 2015 01:20 pm
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Hi, guys!

Sorry for not posting for a while, school and show choir have been crazy lately! Our first show choir performance of the season is tomorrow, so I've been busy doing dress rehearsals and such. Enough of the excuses though.

A long-ish Sakumoto one shot should be out tomorrow (if not, then Monday), so stay tuned!

I'm also posting an introduction soon so everyone can get to know me better.

See you then!

Sweet 16!

Sep. 14th, 2015 11:00 am
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It's midnight in Japan which means it is Arashi's 16th anniversary! Congratulations! Thank you for sticking around for this long and continuing to make great music, concerts, tv shows, etc.

Also, the sequel to A Compromising Situation will be out tomorrow! I apologize for the delay.


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